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Why Are Girls So Mean? Making Peace with Yourself…and Your Girlfriends, Too!
Many women suffer significant emotional pain and isolation as a result of “mean” girls. In this teaching, Jan explores the aspects of why and how we wound one another. She clearly defines and imparts an attitude and approach to female relationships that will revolutionize the value women place on...
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Yes, You Can! He is a Yes God
We serve a yes God. In this teaching, Jan leads women to understand this very unique season in which we are operating in both relational and positional leadership roles. She will encourage women to embrace this season with grace. Stop sitting at the red light and dare to believe that He is saying...
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One Woman Leader to Another The Opportunities and Challenges of Discipling Women in Today’s Church
If you want to be a great leader, you must learn to maximize your influence for the benefit of others. In this teaching, Jan will help women leaders identify four key areas of leadership that must be mastered in order to overcome isolation and create momentum in their organization.
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Three Keys to Overcoming Learning to Cooperate with God for Help and Healing
In this teaching Jan shares her personal testimony of overcoming breast cancer and how she learned to cooperate with God. She reveals the three keys that changed the way she prays and empowered her to persevere in the midst of trial. No matter the battle you or your loved one faces, God is able...
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Without Sarah There Is No Isaac Called by God to Motherhood
Sarah was called by God to be a mother to nations. In this teaching, Jan takes a new look at the authority and anointing that rested upon the partnership of both Sarah and Abraham. She explores the importance of the life-giving call of women and how we are uniquely empowered to partner with men...
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