Jada Daves

Jada Daves, Life Balance Jada Daves, Life Balance

Jada Daves Speech Topics

Be Still Get REAL Womens Conference
The Be Still Get REAL Makeover is a spiritual retreat for women using music, drama, testimony, and teaching on how to be “made over” in Christ. The Be Still team is led by Jada Daves and includes four other women who desire to teach ladies how to be real before God, their peers, their...
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Stillness in the Storm: Finding Hope & Healing Through Life’s Difficulties
Isaiah 43:2 promises that God will be with us when we face great troubles in our lives. Yet, we often have difficulty trusting God when the storms are raging and the boat is rocking. In this heart-rendering presentation, Jada will share how God has taught her to be still and rest in His...
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The Spiritual Path to Leadership: An Insightful Journey for the Professional Christian Woman
From female business owners to soccer moms, women from diverse backgrounds can enjoy and learn from this dynamic leadership training. Biblical examples of strong leadership such as Lydia will be explored, and special emphasis will be given to the following topics: Defining Leadership,...
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Planting a Fruitful Life
Do your friends, relatives and business associates know you’re a Christian? If our love for God is real, Jesus said our lives would bear lasting fruit in His name. “What are those fruits?” you may ask. Things like kindness, gentleness, patience, etc. In this interactive Bible study, each...
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I Do, I Did, I’m Done
In this humorous, matter-of-fact presentation, you will be reminded of days gone by when you were sticky, gooey in love with your mate. Emphasis will be centered around rekindling the reason you chose to get married and why your commitment should be honored before God to be the very best it can...
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