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Charles S. Lowery, Ph.D. is president and CEO of Lowery Institute for Excellence, Inc., a non-profit educational organization. Dr. Lowery's diverse background includes private practice, college professor, management consultant and corporate motivator. Charles' unique style of humor, encouragement, and motivation has made him one of the most sought after speakers in the country. For ten years he was pastor of Hoffmantown Church, which was one of the fastest growing churches in ...

Charles is a talented psychologist who gives practical, humorous, down-to-earth approaches to business communication, understanding relationships, and life.

Zig Ziglar

As a regular guest speaker at Fellowship of the Woodlands, Charles has kept our church in stitches while inspiring us to the next level of success in our families, our businesses, and our personal relationships.

Dr. Kerry Cook - Senior Pastor - Fellowship of the Woodlands - The Woodlands, TX

Charles Lowery is one of the most creative communicators of the 21st century. He is an out of the box thinker in a cookie cutter world. He speaks to the heats of people through his insightful teaching, humor and practical life principles.

Dr. Michael Catt - Senior Pastor (Producer of Movie, Fireproof) - Sherwood Batptist - Albany, GA

He helps couples refocus their priorities ...that will strengthen their homes and marriages . . . but most importantly he presents God's word w/c, when applied, strengthens and builds up those Christian homes and marriages . . .

Dr. Johnny Hunt - Pastor - FBC - Woodstock, GA

Dr. Charles Lowery is an engaging and creative communicator. His work as a pastor and Christian psychologist has given him the platform to encourage and motivate people. His humorous approach to life will keep your congregation on the edge of their seats.

Dr. Ronnie W. Floyd - Pastor - FBC - Springdale , AR

Charles Lowery is one of the most gifted Christian communicators I know. My wife and I have both been impacted by his teachings on marriage and family. He speaks to where real people live.

Danny Akin - President - Southeastern Baptist Seminary
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