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David J. Scotton

David J. Scotton law, pro-life, Keynotes, Conference Keynote, Motivational Speaker Author, family, inspirational, story, movie, movies, At the Movies, kendrick David J. Scotton law, pro-life, Keynotes, Conference Keynote, Motivational Speaker Author, family, inspirational, story, movie, movies, At the Movies, kendrick
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Premiere Exclusive

David J. Scotton

Adoption advocate whose life story inspired the movie LIFEMARK, produced by the Kendrick Brothers and Kirk Cameron

About David J. Scotton

David J. Scotton is a practicing attorney and adoption advocate who was seconds away from not having life. David is also the subject of the award-winning adoption documentary, I Lived on Parker Avenue. Over the past several years, David has spoken at hundreds of events for I Lived on Parker Avenue, appeared on nationally syndicated radio and televisions programs and has shared his family's adoption story across the country--a story which inspired Kirk Cameron's latest ...

David Scotton is an excellent speaker who inspires audiences with his amazing story of a life being saved from abortion and placed in a loving home through adoption. We recommend David for any audience, including youth groups, pregnancy centers, adoption agencies, right to life organizations, and much more!

Benjamin Clapper, Executive Director - Louisiana Right to Life

David Scotton has been a presenter at our Sanctity of Human Life Conference, Sound the Call, more than once. His story has encouraged me personally as well as our Pregnancy Care Center/Clinic partners in Florida. He presented the documentary, "I Lived on Parker Avenue" at the conference and reiterated the selfless decision of his birth family to give him life and to give the adoptive parents a son.

David is passionate for the Sanctity of Human Life and the God-given gift of adoption. His life story will continue to encourage and inspire us to intentionally present the Option of Adoption in every client interview as a parenting choice for women considering abortion

Mary Lou Hendry, Director of Sanctity of Human Life - Florida Baptist Children's Home, Inc.

We had David speak at our banquet and he was phenomenal! We raised over 40% more money this year than in previous years.

Amanda Curtis - Crossroads Pregnancy Clinic

David Scotton is a wonderful speaker. He is "real" and has a wonderful balance of humor and emotion when sharing his story. He shared clips from the Lifemark movie and the audience was very touched by them. David is a wonderful ambassador for adoption. Nothing can compare to a personal experience, and we are so thankful David is willing to share his. His story encompasses the bravery of a birthmother and the love of his adoptive parents, as well as his feelings about being adopted during his growing up years. Our event was the most financially successful of any in our many years of having the Celebration of Adoption banquet, but more importantly, was sharing the beautiful concept of adoption in a positive manner that blessed everyone in attendance! We highly recommend him!

New Beginnings Adoption Agency
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