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"Through his time as a Force Recon Marine, MMA Fighter, and Christian, Chad understands the need for motivation and goal setting. Though seeing more than his fair share of trauma, Chad has a strong dislike for violence despite his sport of choice. Chad is often asked about his time fighting as a...
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The Warrior Within
In this Keynote, presented in his casual and charismatic style, Chad Robichaux takes audience members on an emotional and inspiring rollercoaster ride. They’ll hear first-hand how one man – Chad – with the expertise, courage and determination went from helping Warriors overcome PTSd to rescuing...
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Getting Off The "X"
"The phrase 'Get Off the X’ is a military one, which means get out of the kill zone. While it is used as a military phrase often, Chad has adapted that methodology and applied to life in general. And unlike many other “motivational speakers'' who reiterate the “I can make it, you can to” cliches,...
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Some Things Are Worth Fighting For
Chad speaks on his amazing testimony of coming home from Afghanistan as an elite Special Operations Operator to being diagnosed with PTSD and taken out of the fight. He and his wife Kathy, are a story of God’s transformational power to turn tragedy to triumph. It is a journey starting with one...
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Out of the Valley
Deep in enemy territory of the tribal border region of Afghanistan and Pakistan, Chad found himself alone and trapped in a valley infested with Taliban fighters. All seemed hopeless before finding his way out and unwittingly leading others to safety as well. Finding hope in the valley of the...
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The Truth About PTSd
Though trauma is not exclusively a combat issue or new to mankind, the War on Terror has put a spotlight on PTSd. Our responses to the abnormal events of trauma were designed to help us survive and protect ourselves…. that’s not a disorder, but a blessing. The questions is, with the mountain of...
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