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Chad Hovind

Chad Hovind

Author, "Godonomics: The Biblical Case for Free Market Capitalism

About Chad Hovind

Chad Hovind is an educator, dynamic business communicator, marriage instructor, and creative teacher. He is author of Godonomics: The Biblical case for free market capitalism and Fast Track Bible; a creative, fast-paced summary of the entire Bible. Chad's been a featured speaker at Glenn Beck's Restoring Love, Patriot Events, the 9-12 Project, and pastor's training events with Congressman Bob McEwen and David Barton.

Chad graduated from Moody Theological Seminary in Chicago, majoring in ...

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Godonomics: What Would God Say About Free Enterprise and Capitalism?

Learn God’s celebration and prescription for free market principles in Proverbs. Take-aways: * Understand the Bible’s affirmation of the lynch pins of capitalism (property rights, liberty, and ...

Godonomics: Would Would God Say About Liberty and Limited Government?

Learn the basis for limited government from history and the warnings God gave Samuel against large intrusive governments. Discover: * How Reheboam divided Solomon’s Kingdom by choosing coercion and ...

Reel Relationships

Relationships are a lot like blockbuster movies -- some are funny, some are full of drama, some are thrilling, while others can be a bit scary. How can we be sure that our marriages, friendships, ...

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