Anthony Griffith

Anthony Griffith

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Los Angeles, CA, United States
About Anthony Griffith

An Emmy winner for his outstanding performance in the television drama, "Our Father", this former escape artist's (handcuffs, chains, straight jackets) abilities range from intense drama to stand-up comedy. Anthony Griffith, was destined to make you laugh. Married, growing up in the inner city and reared by a religious mother, all help lay the foundation for Anthony's hilarious insights about life, liberty and the pursuit of sanity.

Anthony's rise in comedy is in no small part due ...

The Holy Spirit enables us to minister to the body of Christ in various ways. Anthony Griffith is anointed to make us laugh without vulgarity.

William Broadus, Senior Pastor - Calvary Baptist Church - Pacoima, CA

Awesome! Anthony Griffith hit the ball out of the park. He entertained newlyweds as well as those couples married for 50 years. He will keep you laughing as long as he is on the stage.

Heather Gray - Lifestage Director - World Outreach Church - Murfreesboro, TN
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