Chris Barton | Founder and Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Tech Investor

Chris Barton

Founder and Creator of Shazam, Entrepreneur, Inventor, and Tech Investor

Chris Barton
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Speaking Reel
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Step One - Build From Basic Truths
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Removing Friction Unleashes Innovation
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Creative Persistence
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“Bring Impossible Ideas to Life”

Technology & AI are dramatically changing what’s possible in our world. Our challenge as we create new things is to dislodge from the comfort of what we already know. Chris created Shazam after being told by every “expert” that his outlandish idea was impossible. It was an idea far ahead of its time – eight years before iPhone apps even existed. In this presentation, Chris helps audiences imagine and then create new visions for the future. He inspires with jaw-dropping stories about creating Shazam and shows how innovation comes from not just an idea but from a series of insights to overcome obstacles along the way. 

[Audiences learn a new framework of thinking to create change through technology]

“Overcome Obstacles with Imagination”

A great idea gets you nowhere without tenacity. True disruption requires both persistence and creative solutions. In creating Shazam, Chris faced obstacles many thought were insurmountable. Most would have given up, but he refused. Instead, Chris challenged every assumption about the obstacles he faced. He shares stories and actionable lessons that inspire audiences to pursue their dreams. Chris urges audiences to question the status quo and to sweat the details on the path to redefining the future. 

[Audiences learn new mindsets to break past barriers]  

“Eliminate Effort to Unlock Explosive Growth”

We all know simple is great, so why don’t all organizations create amazing things just like Apple? The reality is that friction permeates almost everything we do. This “extra effort” frustrates our customers, partners, and colleagues. In creating Shazam, Chris moved mountains to make one thing very easy – identifying any song. Shazam changed the way the world discovers music. Chris combines stories from creating Shazam with his twelve years at Android (Google) and Dropbox to provide concrete examples of how we can all push boundaries to eliminate friction. 

[Audiences learn to identify and eliminate friction to drive growth]

“Build the Vision You See (But Others Don’t)”

Entrepreneurs have passion, ideas, and desire but can get stuck on the difficult journey to achieving their dreams. They want to bring something truly new to the world, but need to learn how to overcome big obstacles, choose their priorities, and convince others of their vision. Chris inspires and teaches entrepreneurs using the story of Shazam’s creation including the scrappy and creative hacks that transformed an idea into a product with two billion customers.

[Audiences are inspired to embrace a mindset to create the next great companies]

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Chris Barton

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