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Innovative Service: Strategies for Increasing Growth and Profits
Value-added service is a dead-end street! As margins get more challenging, taking what customers expect and just adding more is not the best path to growth and profits! Today’s winners focus on value-unique—creating unexpected, simple but inventive ways to take the customer’s breath away. Based...
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Seriously Sparkly Service: Creating Profoundly Remarkable Experiences
Recall the absolutely best customer service experience of your entire life. What were the features of this profoundly remarkable memory? Today’s customers do not talk (remark) or tweet about good service, only experiences they find unique, special, and ingenious. Research shows value-added...
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Customers as Partners: Building Profitable Relationships That Last
Successful organizations have learned that business growth comes through customer retention—those customers how remain loyal over time. Whether serving B2B clients, B2C customers or internal colleagues down the hall, a partnership relationship can be the powerful tie that binds. It is the...
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Leading a Customer-Centric Operation
Operations and organizations that put customers in the center of planning and execution attract the best employees and retain the best customers. Chip Bell has worked with many of the most customer-centric operations in the world including The Ritz-Carlton Hotel, USAA, AMEX, Cadillac, Marriott,...
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