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Radical Leadership Ideas That Produce Radical Change

Chip Madera
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A Passion to Serve

Customer satisfaction continues to be the #1 driving force behind all business success. Organizations that focus on meeting and exceeding customer/patient expectations continue to remain competitive and continuously improve customer satisfaction. This session was developed to help your staff/association's membership identify and establish the critical employee behaviors that will secure customer loyalty and eliminate customer complaints. If you are experiencing decreased customer satisfaction scores or you are having difficulty reaching your fiscal objectives, you'll want your staff to hear what Chip has to say about how to provide World-Class service.

Building Teams
Strategies for Building Positive Relationships

One of Chip's most requested seminars! People are complex. Williams James said, "Whenever 2 people meet, there are really six people present. There is each man as he sees himself, each man as the other person sees them, and each man as he REALLY is." No wonder it is so difficult to negtiate the dynamics of human relationships. During this session Chip will give you tons of practical strategies to help you build bridges of understanding and acceptance within your personal and professional lives. Each participant will complete a Personality Plus Profile that will help them explore their team's core strengths, motivators and communication styles. Then uncover new approaches to connecting with teammates and customers.

Getting it, Keeping it, and Maximizing it!

There is no substitute for excellence in leadership.Organizations rise and fall during today's turbulent times because of those who stand at the helm. Leadership is not a title on the door or a position. Leadership is determined by the amount of influence others are willing to give others. During this session, Chip will share the five levels of leadership, how to lead people to higher levels, the three keys to increasing employee motivation and performance and fundamental strategies for building deeper relationship of influence in the lives of others.

Inspirational Leadership
Becoming the Leader Employees Want to Follow

How many times have you heard leaders say "People are our number one asset"? No doubt, the preceeding statement is a worthy notion, but few organizations have strategically designed action steps to incorporate employee development into the operating structure of their business. This keynote will help leaders understand that developing others is paramount to maximizing employee potential and performance. Leaders will explore three strategic plans (EDP, EMP and ECP) that will help your organization do more with less and take your staff's potential to the next level during the coming budget year.

Chip Madera
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