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There is a reason we have had you speak 14 times at sales rallies and be the closing speaker at two national conventions. You do your homework to provide content our agents need to hear, while combining great energy and humor with a sincere delivery.
Don Lawby, President & CEO - Century 21 Canada
When a Meeting Planner engages a speaker from a video promo tape, they are always a little anxious about the actual presentation, (and presenter). I got my wish past my wildest hopes! Your presentation was not only inspired, but INSPIRATIONAL!
Victoria Wheeler, Director of Member Services - Material Handling Industry of America
This was the perfect way to start our ABA Marketing Conference. Your energy and enthusiasm inspired attendees to ACT rather than waste time talking. Your session was the highest rated--4.83/5! Thank you for your involvement in the planning process.
John Capotosto, Senior Program Manager - AmericanBankers Association
Taking your car to a local Meineke shop, talking to Meineke managers, attending seminars during our conference and spending time with us in advance of your presentation all resulted in a message that was on target, exciting, motivating and relevant.
Gene Zhiss, VP Marketing & Dealer Communications - Meineke Car Care Centers, Inc
Your workshop score was 9.52/10 and speaker score was 9.63/10 with over 1000 people in attendance for your closing Super Workshop. Thank you for your hard work preparing to make this workshop program so successful!
Kerry Husk, Workshop & Seminar Manager - National Automobile Dealers Association
Due to the extensive homework that Chip completed to learn about the auto finance space, he earned immediate credibility with our sales force. We were so impressed we repeated the training with our credit and operations teams as well.
Paul Neal, Group Vice President of Dealer Financial Services - SunTrust
The preparation you put into tailoring your messages for our audience created a great rapport and sense of applicability. Your high energy, hands on engagement style worked particularly well for our global, diverse audience!
George - The Dow Chemical Company
Listening to Chip and the messages he delivers with enthusiasm and passion it is a sobering reminder of how important personal accountability is. You can't help but to want to dig deep and feel the emotional satisfaction of improvement with an outcome of even greater personal and professional accomplishments.
Lori - Sasktel
Chip brings contagious energy and a compelling message that was customized for and targeted to his audience. He kicked off our annual sales meeting, and we got Switched On and ready for a busy selling season!
Janet - Independence Blue Cross
You will never work with a speaker who can intertwine your business within their presentation the way Chip does. Most speakers are a “rental”, Chip was a partner! He will pump up your team, and educate them about taking responsibility for their success, then I highly recommend Chip Eichelberger.
Michael - Always Best Care Senior Services
Thank you for 4 great performances. We have not had outside speakers for a number of years due to disappointing and lackluster performances. You won over the most jaded nay-sayers amongst us and hit the ball out of the park, bases loaded, every time! You were a pleasure to work with on all levels and we would all agree that you were the best guest speaker we have ever had.
Drew - Furniture Row Companies
You spoke our language in your talk and your preparation showed. The Board Break Experience was the perfect way to end the day with energy and commitment. It's amazing to see the transformation, magical is the perfect word.
Steve - M & T Bank
Thank you for a great close to our conference. We have ambitious goals for next year. You did your homework to create valuable take-away content. Your session was fun, interactive and high energy. It was a great way to get the team “switched on” for the entire event.
Cam - BMO Bank of Montreal
Chip’s “Get Switched On” presentation was well prepared, tapered to our company culture and delivered with extreme passion and enthusiasm. It was new, refreshing and gave us actionable ideas the store managers can use immediately - especially the Morning Huddle.
Fred - Blain's Farm & Fleet
Chip is a friend, an excellent communicator, and a man committed to constant and never-ending improvement. His experience, message and engagement will be THE energy source for any event.
Anthony Robbins
Chip Eichelberger's "Get Switched On" opening keynote for the NAB Small Market Television Exchange (SMTE) was outstanding. His presentation was engaging and interactive and peppered with just the right amount of humor. He took the time to research the concerns of our industry and conducted interviews with key constituents to be sure his message would resonate for our attendees. And it did his message was spot-on. Chip set the perfect tone for our conference and attendees gave rave him reviews. Plus, he was great to work with! I will absolutely have him back for another NAB event.
Anne Frenette, Vice President, Television Operations - National Association of Broadcasters
Thank you so much for two amazing events!! You truly resonated with our reseller audience and our team. The response surveys from the event were so positive. You really got them thinking differently and motivated them to make some serious changes about life, the way they handle referrals and documenting their success. They rated you a 5 out of 5 and one attendee decided to write in their own number and gave you a 27!! We really loved having you at these events to speak to our partners and love how involved, prepared and engaged you were.
Heather Grofik, Marketing Account Manager - Ingram Micro
Chip came highly recommended for our Franchise Convention and did not disappoint! His energy is contagious and it helped to set the tone for our conference. Many speakers throw out a few of the company buzz words, but rarely does a speaker make you feel like he has been a part of your company for years. Hiring Chip is a Win- Win, a win for you as a meeting planner and a win for your attendees!
Katherine Meariman, Director of Training - Smoothie King
Chip helped get our team motivated and Switched On. He was enthusiastic and had high energy the entire time he spoke to our sales force. I was impressed by his thorough research of our company upfront. He set the tone for our meeting of "Own It" and how we each need to be accountable for our own results or go back into our studios for improvement. Chip's messages were themes that we can take back into our lives both professionally and personally. Chip helped energize our sales team and reminded us that we can and we will prevail.
Jim Sterbenz, VP Sales - Campbell Soup Company, US Retail
Thank you for your hard work, preparation,and collaboration prior to your amazing presentation. You for took the time to learn about our company, franchise, people and culture. You were a big hit and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. You truly helped us set the stage for what will be a challenging yet exciting year. I have no doubt that this will be the first of many presentations to Genentech. Be proud.
Brian Reardon, SR Training Manager CT&D - Genetech LGI