Chester Elton | New York Times Bestselling Author Inspiring Leaders to Engage Employees and Drive Business Results with Recognition, Culture, and Gratitude

Chester Elton

New York Times Bestselling Author Inspiring Leaders to Engage Employees and Drive Business Results with Recognition, Culture, and Gratitude

Chester Elton
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All In - How Great Leaders Develop a Culture of Belief and Deliver Big Results

In this interactive and engaging session based on the New York Times bestselling business book All In—which includes research from more than 300,000 people in high-performance organizations—Gostick & Elton teach leaders how to Engage, Enable and Energize their workforces.

The presentation outlines how high-performance organizations deliver extraordinary results by creating a vibrant, productive culture where people believe that what they do matters and that they can make a difference. In this presentation, the authors relate stories of leaders in action that vividly depict just how these powerful methods can be implemented.

Key Learnings

  • The 3 characteristics of the world’s most profitable, productive organizational and team cultures.
  • The 7 steps today’s most successful managers use to generate buy-in and belief.
  • How managers at any level can build a productive workgroup culture of their own--where employees commit to the culture and give that extra push of effort.

Build Resilience & Psychological Safety

  • 50% of workers say anxiety negatively affects their performance. 
  • 75% say the most stressful part of their job is their immediate supervisor. 
  • 60% of organizations plan to address anxiety & well-being in the next three years. 

Even before the pandemic, anxiety was crippling the performance of workers—especially young employees. Today it is affecting productivity and leading to ghosting and burnout.

In their bestselling book from Harper Business, Anxiety at Work: 8 strategies to help teams build resilience, handle uncertainty, and get stuff done, and in their keynotes/workshops, Gostick & Elton offer 8 tactics for managers to help their employees build resilience. 

They Teach Leaders:

  • How to spot the signs of employees hiding anxiety
  • Solutions to alleviate stress
  • Ways to help team members manage uncertainty
  • How to help people speak up when feeling overwhelmed
  • Ways to beat perfectionism and get things done 
  • How to instill an ethic of inclusion and support

Leading with Gratitude
Eight Leadership Practices for Extraordinary Business Results

Leadership concepts that can increase employee engagement and will help you attract and keep great talent.

In his powerful keynote, the author introduces research that shows how a few vital leadership skills—when done right—can boost employee engagement and reduce turnover. He will also share the fascinating science behind why so many managers resist (aka: suck at) something so seemingly simple as gratitude. 

Your Attendees will learn:

  • How gratitude helps managers understand the value their people are contributing—and what more their team members may have to give
  • How appreciation of employee efforts can enhance motivation & productivity, especially during times of change—81% of people say they’d work harder if their boss were more grateful
  • How leaders can master this skill to enhance team performance & trust—introducing the 8 most powerful gratitude practices

The Best Team Wins
5 Disciplines of the Most Effective Team Leaders

Based on an 850,000-person study of the most profitable, innovative work teams, the authors introduce the new science of teamwork

Most employees today work collaboratively, but 96% of executives cite poor teamwork as the primary source of workplace failures. Given the volatility and challenges they face today, how can managers better lead teams to improved performance? 

Gostick & Elton’s research has shown a set of leadership disciplines that makes the biggest difference in building today’s best teams. 

Key Learnings 

  • Manage to the One—Identify the unique drivers of each team member.
  • Speed to Productivity—Help new people and teams work faster & smarter.
  • Challenge Everything—Inspire innovation through healthy discord.
  • Find Focus—Build bridges across functions, cultures, and distance.

Chester Elton
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