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Dr. Catlin Tucker

Dr. Catlin Tucker Google Certified, education, blended learning, balance, Flipped, educate, educator, educators, education policy, education motivation, k-12 Education, Top 10 Education, educational technology, education and kids, Teacher, teacher motivation Dr. Catlin Tucker Google Certified, education, blended learning, balance, Flipped, educate, educator, educators, education policy, education motivation, k-12 Education, Top 10 Education, educational technology, education and kids, Teacher, teacher motivation

Dr. Catlin Tucker Speech Topics

Reignite Teacher and Student Engagement with Blended Learning

The last two years have been mentally and emotionally exhausting for teachers and students. The pandemic and its impact on education have left many teachers feeling tired and disillusioned. Yet, teacher engagement is critical to achieving high levels of student engagement and improving learning...

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Creating a Community of Inquiry: Teaching & Learning Online

As learning moves online, many teachers are unsure how to navigate this new learning landscape. The Community of Inquiry theoretical framework can support teachers in understanding their roles in a blended or online course, helping students to develop their social presence online, and engaging...

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Activating Agency, Differentiation, Community, and Inquiry with Blended Learning

The pandemic taught educators several lessons:

Learning can happen anywhere, any time.

Human connection and participation in a learning community make learning rich and engaging.

Students are more likely to be motivated if they enjoy autonomy and agency.
So, how can teachers move forward in the...

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Shifting Workflows: Let Students Lead & Avoid Teacher Burnout

Teachers are burning out at record levels. They’re drowning in unrealistic expectations and doing the lion’s share of the work in classrooms. It’s time to shift from time-consuming, teacher-led, and often frustratingly ineffective workflows to sustainable student-led workflows...

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Thrive in Any Teaching and Learning Landscape with UDL and Blended Learning

As educational landscapes evolve, educators need to embrace a mindset, skill set, and tool set that allows them to thrive in class, online, or a blend of the two! It’s time to design and facilitate learning experiences that free teachers from their role as the expert at the front of the...

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Designing for Deeper Learning

Deeper learning demands that students transfer or apply their learning. To achieve deeper learning, teachers must strive to architect learning experiences that position students at the center of the learning process to develop their cognitive, intrapersonal, and interpersonal competencies, which...

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Achieve Balance with Blended Learning

Lack of time and energy are barriers to innovation. Too many teachers are exhausted because they are doing the lion's share of the work. To achieve balance, teachers must shift their mindset, develop their skill set, and build a useful toolset. Teachers who partner with students can share the...

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Workshop: Online Learning: The Building Blocks of Online Course Design

School closures can result from a health emergency or an extreme weather event. Schools and districts need to prepare teachers with the training necessary to take their offline courses online. This will make it possible for teachers to successfully engage students in high-quality learning at home...

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Workshop: Metacognition: The Key to Driving Deeper Learning

The teacher cannot be the only person in the classroom thinking about the students’ learning. Students must be actively engaged in thinking about, monitoring, evaluating, and reflecting on their learning. Research shows that developing metacognition helps students to apply what they are...

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Workshop: Online Discussions, Choice Boards, & Hyperdocs

Explore how online discussions, choice boards, and hyperdocs can foster collaboration and give students more control over their learning in a blended classroom. Participants will explore these strategies and the technology tools needed to design their own online discussion topics, choice boards,...

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Workshop: The Blended Learning Coaching Cycle

Too often professional learning is an event, not a process. Districts spend money on technology but do not invest equally in building a professional learning infrastructure to ensure that technology has a transformative impact on both teaching and learning. Catlin Tucker will provide an overview...

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Workshop: Using the 5Es Instructional Model to Create Student-Centered Inquiry

The 5Es instructional model positions the students to engage, explore, explain, elaborate, and evaluate. This model blends online and offline learning strategically to encourage students to explore an essential question related to the curriculum. The goal is to help students construct knowledge...

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Workshop: Developing Literacy Using Blended Learning Models and Technology

This workshop explores how teachers can leverage technology and blended learning models to help learners develop their reading, vocabulary, writing, and speaking/listening skills. In this workshop, participants will collaborate in grade-level teams to create student-centered learning activities...

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Workshop: Using Blended Learning Models to Design and Facilitate Learning for a Concurrent Classroom

The concurrent classroom presents several challenges. It’s tough to meet the needs of students in class and online simultaneously. Often, there is an inequality of teacher attention, students struggle to stay engaged, and learning experiences do not maximize face-to-face and online learning...

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Workshop: Cultivating Social Emotional Learning Skills in a Blended Learning Environment

Social-emotional learning (SEL) must be woven into the fabric of every class to ensure that students cultivate the following skills: self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, relationship skills, and social awareness. Educators who weave SEL skills into the fabric of their...

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Workshop: Leading the Shift to Blended Learning: The Why, How, and What

Leading the Shift to Blended Learning: The Why, How, and What The transition from traditional teacher-led learning to student-centered blended learning is daunting for all stakeholders in a school community, so leaders must have a clear vision. This session will explore the why, how, and what of...

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Workshop: Station Rotation & Flipped Classroom

Explore how blended learning models–Station Rotation and the Flipped Classroom–can help teachers reimagine learning in the classroom. Blended learning models create more opportunities for individualized scaffolding and support, differentiated instruction, and self-paced learning....

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Workshop: The Flipped Learning Model

Lecture alone is ineffective, whether it is live or online. So, the challenge with the flipped classroom model is to engage students around the video content in a dynamic way. This session will review tips for creating effective video instruction and explore strategies teachers can use to design...

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Workshop: The Station Rotation Model

It's impossible to meet the needs of diverse learners if you move lockstep through curriculum and activities as a whole class. Explore how the Station Rotation Model can help you create more opportunities to work directly with small groups of students, individualize scaffolding and support,...

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Workshop: The Playlist Model: Using Backward Design to Construct a Personalized Playlist

The playlist model shifts control over the pace of learning to students and frees the teacher to spend time supporting individual students as they progress through the playlist. Playlists can be differentiated and/or personalized if teachers build conferencing into their playlists. A playlist can...

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Workshop: Choose Your Learning Path Adventure

The choose your own adventure concept can be used to design learning experiences that effectively remove barriers, prioritize student agency, and increase engagement. Instead of a single learning path that all students must follow, a choose your own learning path adventure provides meaningful...

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Workshop: Partner with Your Students & Achieve Balance with Blended Learning

Teachers must partner with their students to create learning environments that maximize the available technology and encourage students to take a lead role in monitoring, assessing, and reflecting on their learning. Too many teachers are exhausted and disillusioned with this profession because...

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Mix & Match: Shifting to Sustainable Student-led Workflows with Blended Learning & UDL

Live Sessions

You can create a customized learning experience for your teachers by selecting the workflows you want to target in your training session. 2 workflows: half-day 3 workflows: full-day

Description: Teachers are exhausted because they do the lion’s share of the work. This workshop...

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Coaching Sessions

Goal: Provide teachers with personalized support as design and facilitate student-centered universally designed blended learning experiences.

Coaching sessions are available in person or online via Zoom.

Coaching works best one-on-one or with small teaching teams.

Coaching sessions run 90 min-2...

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