Carlos Whittaker | Expert in inspiring personal development that cultivates a unified workplace

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Carlos Whittaker

Expert in inspiring personal development that cultivates a unified workplace

Carlos Whittaker
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How To Human

What if there was a way to show up for work, for your family, or for yourself without feeling exhausted? What if, instead of dreading talking to your coworkers the night after an election or the big game, you actually felt equipped to place your relationship above your opinion?

When it feels impossible to deny the work-life tension, Carlos offers a better way. In a 3-part, story-filled journey, Carlos will take his audience from distracted, divided, and disconnected to engaged, curious, and re-envisioned. 

His philosophy? BE human– reconnect with yourself and regain your capacity to SEE humans who don’t think like you, look like you, believe like you, vote like you, etc. and FREE humans to walk alongside one another toward common goals despite differences.

You don’t have to choose burnout or avoidance. There’s a better way. A human way.

Moment Maker

Life is made of moments. What are you doing to make the most of them? In Moment Maker, Carlos Whittaker teaches you how to make each moment count, so those moments add up to a life rich with meaning, deeply satisfying, and full of purpose.

Carlos shares powerful stories and examples from ordinary life that have formed his practical and meaningful game plan for living on purpose and with purpose. In these pages, he will guide you to:

  • Increase awareness of your surroundings, the people you encounter, and the needs of others
  • Recognize opportunities that present themselves and be encouraged to seize them
  • Discover how to create, receive, and rescue key moments in everyday life
  • Unlock the satisfaction of living to the full depth of your life's potential

All around you there are opportunities to meet a need, shift your focus, and begin healing. It is time to become a Moment Maker.

Kill the Spider

Many of us work hard to be a “better person,” only to get caught in a web of bad choices and destructive thought patterns.

In Kill the Spider, Carlos shares his journey of knocking out deep-rooted habits that were hurting his relationship with others and with himself. Through humor and vulnerability, Carlos will help your team do the same and walk away with the questions and resources they need to 

* Identify the hidden spiders that haunt them– the real causes behind worry, shame, addiction, isolation, etc.
* Clean up the cobwebs of unhealthy coping mechanisms
* Kill the spider for good by trading lies for truth

When we replace false beliefs about ourselves with honesty and truth, we will discover a freedom that allows us to show up for our friends, family, and colleagues like never before.

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Carlos Whittaker

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