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Candy Valentino

Founder, investor, WSJ Best-Selling Author and Serial Entrepreneur

Candy Valentino
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Wealth Habits: Six Ordinary Steps to Achieve Extraordinary Financial Freedomby Candy Valentino

Wealth Habits: Six Ordinary Steps to Achieve Extraordinary Financial Freedom

by Candy Valentino

You don’t have to be educated or connected to be wealthy

How do wealthy people do it? Are they geniuses? Lucky? We tend to think something special must be going on because it looks like magic. But nothing could be further from the truth. Wealthy people have simply adopted sixkey, yet ordinary,habits … and they do them extraordinarily well.

Candy Valentino opened her first brick-and-mortar store at 19—no college, no connections, no money—and built it into a seven-figure businessbefore most of her friends graduated college. Over two decades of success as a serial entrepreneur and real estate investor, she has labored relentlessly to crack the code of the super-wealthy, and in doing so, has unearthed six simple habits that directly contribute to those who become part of the self-made millionaire class.

In Wealth Habits, Valentino reveals allsix habits, and shows you how you can put them to work for you:

  • Long-term investing strategies
  • How to recession-proof your business
  • Ways to keep money out of the IRS’ hands
  • What to teach your children about money
  • How to establish financial protection and security
  • The secrets to keep more of the money you make (so you can invest more)

“Think and get rich” will only get you so far. It’s time to do and become wealthy… and set yourself up for a lifetime of true financial freedom.

The Power of Challenge
How to Make Adversity Your Superpower

Candy's inspiring "rags to riches" story, of how she overcame abuse, poverty and life in a trailer park, to launching her first business at 19, building wealth and creating a life most people think is out of reach. 

This goes on a journey on the power of resilience, determination and how challenge can be your greatest asset in achieving your biggest, boldest dreams.

Candy breaks down the proof of how our current dreams are often reflections of our past  – influenced by our experiences, childhood, successes, failures, and the people around us. And she passionately argues that everyone is capable of far more than we realize. The limitations we perceive are often based on a version of ourselves that no longer exists.

Candy addresses the hard truth that dreaming is easy, inexpensive. The true journey to success is a path paved with relentless action, commitment, and belief in oneself and challenges the audience to confront their fears, challenges them to think bigger and leaves them fired up to go after everything they identified through the action process.

For anyone who has doubted their ability, who thought success wasn’t available to them, or has a story of guilt, shame or failure that is keeping them stuck – with Candy's practical guidance, personal stories, and actionable steps – their breakthrough is just one keynote away.

Profit NOW
Real World Revenue Growth for Super-Sized, Sustainable Sales

For entrepreneurs and business owners, this highlights the critical financial fundamentals vital for building a successful business. Candy shares her 25+ years of experience in building businesses in multiple verticals and industries;  breaking down two decades of work and research she shares how to increase cash flow, systematize customer acquisition, and identify invaluable business metrics and KPI’s.  

She gives the audience actionable strategies to increase profitability and scalability – while keeping the information relatable, understandable and high energy. 

This isn’t some boring business class. This keeps attendees engaged and empowered to take the next steps to build a powerful business. For anyone who wants to grow revenue, optimize operational efficiency, and increase market positioning. 

How to Build Courage and Confidence to Achieve Anything you Want

Society will often try to define our roles, behaviors, and limitations; but just imagine a world where we were confident, courageous and broke free from the constraints of your past, your family, or societal pressure by embracing one’s true self. 

The journey towards being unapologetic involves several specific pieces of Candy’s work and research on the subject. She takes the audience through a powerful life-changing experience that doesn’t leave a dry eye in the room. 

This strategic process has the audience identify what story is holding them back, how to rewire that belief and replace the narrative, has them actively write their Proof Paper™ and  finishes with the 3-part Pause Reprogram ™ .  

This keynote builds confidence, emotional intelligence, and self-worth which empowers the audience and creates a breakthrough moment that provides the courage and inspiration for them to achieve anything of which they dream. But make no mistake:  This isn’t just another motivational speech; it’s a transformational fire that ignites the audience to take actionable steps and move from aspiration to actualization. 

Wealth Habits
How to Make More, Save More, and Invest More Money

Candy shares the proven, down-to-earth, real world methods that anyone can understand and use to make more, save more and invest more into their future. She breaks down practical techniques that the audience can leverage immediately. 

Drawing from her diverse experience in various industries, including service, manufacturing, e-commerce, and real estate, Candy demystifies the process of wealth creation. She emphasizes the power of practical, everyday actions and strategies that anyone can adopt to elevate their financial status.

This presentation is more than just theory; it's a roadmap based on Candy's own methods, devoid of the usual motivational fluff. It's about getting real with finances – from identifying income-generating assets to implementing smart tax strategies.

Key Highlights:

Self-Education vs. Higher Education: Discover how Candy's journey without formal education led to early business success and learn how to apply these principles regardless of your educational background.

Income-Generating Assets: Learn about building businesses and investing in real estate as key assets, and understand the tax benefits even for those in employment.

Real World Revenue Growth: Candy simplifies business growth into four key strategies, providing a clear guide to increase revenue efficiently.

Good Debt vs. Bad Debt: Understand the clear distinction between debts that build your net worth and those that diminish it.

Tax Strategies to Starve the IRS: Uncover legal tax-saving strategies and loopholes that can significantly reduce your tax burdens.

Work to Save, Save to Invest: Candy emphasizes the importance of intelligent saving and investing. She shares her own experiences, like a life-changing choice between a Jeep Grand Cherokee and a commercial property, to illustrate the long-term benefits of smart investment choices. With personal stories from her own successful ventures in real estate, she encourages saving and investing in assets like property that not only appreciate over time but also generate income.

Candy's message is clear: anyone, at any age, can join the ranks of Generation Wealth by following these proven strategies. Her practical advice and real-world examples make this an invaluable session for anyone looking to take control of their financial future and create lasting wealth.

Candy Valentino
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