Cal Newport | Author and Expert on Getting the Most Out of College

Cal Newport

Author and Expert on Getting the Most Out of College

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Cal Newport
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What Successful Students Do Differently

Based on the extensive research conducted for his award-winning books and blog, Newport reveals the surprising habits used by many successful students to forge college careers that are interesting, engaging, and impressive.

How to Become a Straight-A Student...Without Becoming a Grind!

Based on his popular advice guide, "How to Become a Straight-A Student" (Broadway Books, 2006), Newport reveals the unconventional tactics used by many top students to score impressive grades while spending *less* time studying than their lower scoring peers. With a focus on efficiency, this talk debunks many myths -- including the idea that better grades require more hours in the library -- and offers tested advice on everything from the danger of "pseudo-work" to conducting smart paper research.

The Zen Valedictorian
How to Do Less, Enjoy Life, and Become Outrageously Impressive

Based on a popular long-running series from his Study Hacks blog, in this talk Newport introduces your audience to the exciting world of the Zen Valedictorian -- students who live relaxed, interesting lives while also becoming outrageously impressive. Covering topics such as the benefits of radically simplifying your student schedule, to harnessing the power of the Superstar Effect to become impressive without becoming impressively busy, Newport provides step-by-step advice for adopting the Zen Valedictorian lifestyle.

Harvard Without Ulcers
7 Myths About College Admissions That Are Making You More Stressed Than You Need To Be.

In this illuminating talk, Newport draws from a half-decade of journalistic research into what makes impressive students impressive, to debunk the most stress-inducing myths surrounding college admissions and replace them with powerful, unexpected truths, including:

* What admissions officers really mean when they say they are looking for "passion."

* Why doing more activities can make you seem less impressive.

* Why getting the best possible grades is less important than you think.

Cal Newport
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Cal Newport

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