Caitlin Crosby | Founder & CEO, The Giving Keys

Caitlin Crosby

Founder & CEO, The Giving Keys

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Caitlin Crosby
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Love Your Flawz

Caitlin Crosby and Brie Larson founded Love Your Flawz to give visitors the chance to celebrate their flaws instead of comparing themselves to the unfair standards of beauty set by the media and others. They say, “We all have insecurities about our imperfections, but we wanted to shift our perspectives from hating our flawz, to owning and loving them. This body is the only one you're going to have here on earth, so we may as well learn to embrace it... honor it... treat it with kindness and care. You're the only YOU that will ever exist, so we need to learn how to love ourselves now and not waste any more time! Love Your Flawz exists to remind you that you're not alone in this struggle. But with laughter and grace, we will overcome this together.”

Social Entrepreneurship

Caitlin discusses how she founded The Giving Keys and teaches the audience how to grow a give back brand.

The Story Of How The Giving Keys Started

How you can pull from your unique story to start a business /non-profit /movement. Beware that consumers can sense if you don’t authentically believe in the cause. You’re heart has to genuinely break for the injustice. 

Motherhood / Single Motherhood

Facing our greatest fears and realizing we have what it takes to overcome life’s greatest /most painful curve balls. We turn these new hurdles, our new story, into our legacy. 

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Caitlin Crosby

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