Byrd Baggett CSP

Byrd Baggett CSP Byrd Baggett CSP

Byrd Baggett CSP Text Reviews

While you had a very positive impact on me, what I was more impressed with was your impact on our conference. After you were finished with your presentation, I just felt the crowd rushing you to get more . . . really indescribable.
Joe Collins, Senior VP - TIB Mortgage
What you accomplished is beyond the reach of your peers. Thanks to you, we at Protective Life have a renewed sense of purpose and a developing vision on what it takes to become effective leaders.
Dave Keyes - Protective Life Corporation
Your strategies helped our management team improve employee satisfaction during a very difficult period. In the six months following your presentation, employee satisfaction improved by 25%.
Frank Baggett - Prudential Insurance
Throughout your message, which you tailored to focus on the topics of professionalism and integrity, you demonstrated a unique ability to bring enthusiasm, information, and passion together in a very positive learning experience.
Dan Krueger - Farmers Insurance
I read your books and have never had a better outlook on my career. I am amazed at the number of sales that have landed in my lap because of the seemingly small changes that I have made by reading, thinking, and repeating your words to people.
Dave Flifet - Aflac
I have become a better husband, father, friend, and leader of my business from listening to you speak. I have heard many great speakers like Norman Schwarzkopf, Magic Johnson, and Zig Ziglar, but I can honestly say that you are the best.
Andy Malone - Farmers Insurance
A standing ovation is nearly unheard of but you got it and earned it! Thanks to you, our Volunteers Conference was one of the best ever. You really make a difference.
Cheryl Lancaster - Maine Credit Union League
If you need a speaker with heart, someone to personally connect with your audience, someone who brings a principle-based message for all ages, Byrd Baggett is a perfect choice.
W. Kenny Massey, FICF, LLIF - Modern Woodmen of America