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August 27, 2021

How to build and diversify your staffing supply chain

If step one to gaining a strategic hiring advantage in 2021 is to define your employer value proposition, step two is to build and diversify your staffing supply...
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August 13, 2021

How to define your value proposition as an employer in today's talent wars

If you want to gain a strategic advantage in today's talent wars, step one is defining a clear value proposition to potential new hires. Decide who or what you want to be as...
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August 06, 2021

The Top Causes of Employee Turnover in 2021

There is an acute talent shortage facing employers of all sizes, in all industries. While there are plenty of short-term causes, presumably temporary, the costs to employers...
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August 06, 2021

The Top Causes of Employee Turnover

After huge recent fluctuations in the job market--and despite ongoing downsizing, restructuring, and reengineering--unemployment is at record lows and employers are facing more...
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July 30, 2021

You can't afford to ignore today's talent wars

The talent wars of 2021-2022 will be defined by talent shortages and high rates of voluntary turnover, reflecting a confluence of factors exacerbated by the Covid-19...
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July 22, 2021

Hiring Challenges in 2021--Short-Term and Long-Term Factors

After huge recent fluctuations in the job market--record low unemployment in the months before the Covid-19 pandemic, record job losses during, and record re-hiring in the...
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July 16, 2021

The 'yes' people you want to avoid at work

There are three components to a successful "yes" at work: It's well-timed It's thoroughly considered It's tied to a specific, actionable commitment We have all known someone...
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July 08, 2021

Set up every yes for success

Remember, every good no allows you to give great yes's--saying yes to collaboration, saying yes to an opportunity to add value and build a relationship. But to truly make an...
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June 25, 2021

When to say Yes, No, or Maybe at work

To avoid burnout and overcommitment in today's workplace, you have to be savvy about which projects you accept and which you decline. But how do you know when to say yes, no, or...
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June 16, 2021

Turn every ask into an intake memo

Helpers want to build reputations for being helpful. They want to prove their value at work by showing their willingness to jump in and get things done--no matter what. But the...
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June 11, 2021

Better predictions make for better decisions

How many times, upon realizing you've made the wrong decision, have you thrown up your hands and exclaimed, "If only I had known better"? Our wrong decisions, no matter how big...
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June 04, 2021

Five simple steps to achieving alignment at work

Keep your eyes and ears open for valuable intelligence up and down the chain of command. That doesn't mean listening to and spreading gossip. It means learning from your direct...
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