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The Monday Morning Message

From Vision to Execution
Creating and Growing a Culture of Leadership in Your Organization

Outstanding leaders understand the importance of not just training a few leaders but making sure that everyone in the organization has some basic leadership skills. These leaders understand the distinction between developing team members to see themselves as "a" leader as opposed to "the" leader. While too many people seeing themselves as "the" leader certainly leads to dysfunction, organizations that train and empower everyone in the organization to see themselves as "a" leader in five basic leadership roles (visionary, coach, manager, educator and ambassador) and at appropriate times and places, achieve the most success.

In this session, author and international business trainer, Bruce Rector, will focus on individual, team and organizational leadership establishing a leadership mentality throughout the organization from the visioning to planning to execution. Helping your team members see themselves as leaders throughout that entire process increases job satisfaction, stimulates creativity and productivity and improves long-term results.

The Monday Morning Method

You arrive at your office on Monday morning full of energy, with a smiling face and positive attitude. Then the telephone begins ringing, a flood of e-mail messages arrives and people begin passing through your office with numerous challenges and crises to present to you. By noon, all of your energy is gone and you struggle through the rest of the week.

Outstanding leaders understand the importance of getting things done. They know that to keep the confidence and trust of team members, customers, and constituents they must not only gather creative ideas but must also get things accomplished. They are more than just talkers, they consistently and effectively execute what they say they will do.

In this presentation, Bruce teaches, inspires and motivates participants to turn their Monday mornings into a power-building instead of a power-draining experience. Through a number of audience participation activities and demonstrations, participants learn how to:

increase their weekly productivity
lead change and innovation
increase confidence in themselves and in those they lead
better control people and events instead letting those control them

Removing the Elephant from the Room by Handling Difficult Conversations and People More Effectively

At the end of your workday you are simply exhausted. A patient screamed at you for something that wasn’t your fault. When you tried to bring a recurring problem to your supervisor, it seemed he didn’t hear a word you said. And all day long you’ve had to work side by side an incredibly annoying co-worker. The good news is the day is over. The bad news is its only Monday and the energy you began the week with is already depleted.

While it is impossible to remove all the difficult people and conversations from our daily routines, we can make better choices in the way we handle our relationships and conversations with others. By thinking more strategically about how we are handling our relationships and conversations with others, we can reduce our stress level and improve our effectiveness.

In this seminar, participants will learn how to:

• Better prepare for difficult conversations as they go throughout the day
• Choose to stay in dialogue instead of returning name-calling, insults and sarcasm
• Create relationships with anyone in which they can talk about even the most sensitive subjects
• Be more persuasive when mentoring, motivating and negotiating
• Reduce stress by being able to get things “off their chests” and not harboring anger and hurt feelings
• Set physical, emotional and mental boundaries to protect themselves from the stress-inducing words and actions of others
• Take effective “time-outs” throughout the day to clear their minds, refocus on their priorities and keep difficult people and situations in perspective

Seeing Change as Opportunity

Successful organization embrace change by helping their team members see to see change as an opportunity. In this session Bruce tells stories from his personal life and those he has met through his own travels that illustrate why it's impportant to se yourself as a change leader and not a change victim, to succeed in life and leadership.

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