Brian Moyer | Helping Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs become more Productive, more Profitable, and more Purposeful

Brian Moyer

Helping Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs become more Productive, more Profitable, and more Purposeful

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Brian Moyer

Brian Moyer is the owner of Moyer Financial Services, an Accounting Consulting business. In addition to direct mentoring, Brian utilizes speaking and leading exclusive training sessions to engage small business owners and entrepreneurs.

He launched his company after seeing a desperate need for core financial expertise in the small businesses arena. His clients include industries ranging from Pyrotechnic and Film Studios to Financial Investors and Marketing Consultants. But they all find value in having a professional partner in the Accounting and Financial arena.

Drawing from a past life as a guitar player in a hard rock band, his unique take on Accounting frames his approach with fun and practicality. He balances his obsessive planning with the mantra: "I hope I don't know exactly what I'll be doing a year from now".

Brian has over 10 years of professional development in multiple business environments. Ranging from multi-million dollar product and service based companies to local one-person models, his diverse experience offers a unique perspective to almost any business situation.

Brian brings an Operations-based mindset to the Financial arena, giving clients results-based direction through a very practical approach. A Business Degree from Middle Tennessee State University started a career in Inventory Control and Client Management before settling into Accounting and Finance. Brian lives in Franklin, TN with his wife Carla and daughters Kenna and Everly.

Core Financial Statements

Whether you’re a seasoned CEO in need of a refresher, or an entrepreneur ready to launch you first venture, having a core understanding of the main Financial Statements is imperative. Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows will be presented in a way everyone can understand and utilize. Supporting topics such as Cash Flow Management, Budgeting, and basic Tax Prep can be easily included as well.

Rock and Roll MBA
Business Lessons Learned from a Heavy Metal Band

As I was unintentionally building a career in business, my main passion was getting a record deal with a heavy metal band. While tattoos and piercing holes are permanent, I believe the business lessons I picked up along the ride may prove to be far more lasting. I relate topics of Top of Mind Branding, Supply and Demand, Market-driven Value, the perils of over-planning, and many others

Work / Life Integration

Most of us have heard the phrase Work Life Balance. However, I believe in more of an “appropriate weaving” as opposed to pieces to be kept separate and balanced. I deliver this concept with real life examples and offer a compelling purpose for changing the way we manage these two important aspects of our life

Leaning Forward

Working from the framework of the past will leave you and your company at an extreme disadvantage. To fully realize your potential I believe you must take calculated risks and be “Leaning Forward” into the future. In this speech, I talk about building a strong foundation, posture of the lean, and pushing forward in the major Accounting aspects of your business, and even life.

Brian Moyer
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Brian Moyer

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