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Astound Yourself Today!™

Thomas Edison said, "If we all did the things we're capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves." In this program, Brian encourages your team members to astound themselves every day and reminds them that doing so is not as hard as it sounds.

It's been said that many people dream about creating a new world; Thomas Edison dreamed about it and then he did it! This program challenges your team members to move beyond dreaming about their new world by following a simple process used by people like Edison for centuries.

Delivered in keynote or workshop format, your group will better understand that success is not a magical, inexplicable outcome but rather the result of fundamental attitudes and activities practiced daily.

Tend the Flame!

Brian believes that you cannot grow the organization without growing the individuals in that organization, and when you grow individually, your organization grows exponentially!

18th century minister, John Wesley, was once asked how he attracted such large audiences to hear his open air sermons. He responded, "God lights me on fire with enthusiasm & people come to watch me burn." Brian asks your group, "Is anyone coming to watch you burn?" Too many people today are answering that question with a definitive "no".

This program focuses on our need to rediscover our passion - or simply find it in the first place - and then keep the fire of that passion burning. Our challenge today is that we live in a "set it & forget it" world and have lost an understanding of what it means to "tend" anything, much less the flame of our enthusiasm. As Brian teaches in his workshops, there are no gas logs in your heart!

Also delivered in keynote or workshop format, your team members will learn how the presence of passion attracts others while a lack of passion repels them. They will discover the truth that when people come to watch them burn, they'll succeed professionally, personally, relationally and every other "ly" in their lives - and the path to success will be easier. Conversely, when they allow that flame to burn out, they will cease to grow and ultimately cease to exist (as an organization, a family, a team, etc.)

Who's Tracking Attitude?

In today's economy, many organizations are tracking activity like never before. From salespeople to administrative teams, every area of your organization is focused on tracking activity to ensure they are making the most of every opportunity to secure & maintain business.

While tracking activity is a fundamental for success, Brian will show your team how tracking attitude is just as - if not more - important. The irony is that, for your top performers, too much activity tracking has the opposite effect on attitude. That, of course, leads to reduced activity and reduced results.

Delivered in keynote or workshop format, your group will see the value in tracking attitude as much as as activity, and your results will reflect it!

The Leader's Debt - Retaining the Privilege of Being Called a Leader in Your Organization

American Express has it right: Membership has its privileges. And being called a leader in your organization is indeed a privilege. But every privilege has its price, and we call that price The Leader's Debt.

Also delivered in keynote or workshop format, Brian will show your leaders the 3 basic areas in which they "owe" - to their followers, to your organization, to themselves - and will help them establish a "payment plan" so they can continue to enjoy the privilege of being called a leader in your organization.

Brian Hicks
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Brian Hicks

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