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PD is Sinking…Here Are 3 Ways to Save It
Most educators really don't care about what we call PD. They care about their students and want practical solutions to the challenges they encounter in their classrooms. They care about relationships and coherent PD that actually makes change manageable (Gustafson, 2016). Renaming PD will not save it from itself. Neither will making surface-...
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3 Keys to Leading Child-Centered Change
It seems like education is being poked and prodded from nearly every direction. Some of these influences may be helpful, but they get lost in the torrent of new initiates, misguided policy, and priorities that emphasize test scores over student learning and creativity. I recently came across a tweet from George Couros (@GCouros) that read, ...
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What's Your One?
Have you ever returned from a conference and been asked to name a "take-away" or something you learned? I recently had the chance to collaborate on a special podcasting project with Theresa Stager (co-host of the PrincipalPLN podcast). We were both at the NAESP national conference in Maryland, and presented a session on podcasting together in...
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