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Brace Barber leadership, Motivation, Individual Exceptionalism, Self-Awareness, Personal Responsibility, teamwork Brace Barber leadership, Motivation, Individual Exceptionalism, Self-Awareness, Personal Responsibility, teamwork
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Brace Barber: Leadership

Brace Barber

Author of Ranger School, No Excuse Leadership

About Brace Barber

Each step dragged across the top of the muddy trail up the steep ascent to U. S. Army Ranger School's mountaineering site. No energy and no relief, Brace fell behind. Physical exhaustion is one of the common and often repeated experiences of those pursuing qualification as an Army Ranger. Extreme pressure is inherent in exceptional training like West Point and Army Ranger School. Why break people? Why push them to the point of failure? What can be gained at the limits of mental and physical ...

Brace created and presented a "Teamwork" seminar to a team of US Enterprise Sales Executives that were having a difficult time learning how to work in teams. The results were clear and immediate and the teams began to work together to exceed their sales goals. I would highly recommend Brace as a management consultant to assist an organization in learning how to becoming a better team, and in learning how to communicate both internally and externally more effectively.

Al Powell Director, Major Account Sales - Postini

I've crossed paths with many people who talk about leadership and pretend at understanding/implementing leadership within their organizations. Brace is no pretender...he "walks the talk" and truly understands the dynamics and principles associated with leadership at all levels. Better still, he has the unique ability to teach others in a simple, clear, and unassuming fashion. If you're serious about understanding leadership and improving your leadership quotient -- either personally or organizationally -- you NEED to reach out to Brace!

Kim Jones, Senior Vice President & CSO - EFD (eFunds Corporation)

Brace's leadership seminar is interesting, insightful and will provide excellent skills for the business competitive environment. I highly recommend his training for the corporate world.

David Duryea, Principal - Endeavor3

Working with Brace was excellent. He was very professional and reliable throughout the planning stages as well as really went the extra mile to help out; in addition, his session was very well-executed and well-received. We've invited him back again.

Amanda Jorgensen, Executive Conference Producer /Sales & Marketing Consultant - Marcus Evans
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