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March 16, 2009
Living a 5 Star Life!
By Rory Vaden
You cannot hide behind the excuse that you are disciplined in one area of your life but not in others. You are either becoming more disciplined and successful in every area of your life or you are becoming more indulgent ...
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March 12, 2009
Necessary Adjustments
By Vince Poscente
When you feel out of sorts it's difficult to focus on moving forward. Mild discomfort can make it hard to concentrate. Major discomfort makes it nearly impossible. Yet, alter, adjust or reposition and you're ...
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March 12, 2009
Enough with the Gloom and Doom
By Ken Dychtwald PhD
The following is an excerpt from Ken Dychtwald's article "Enough with the Gloom and Doom" orginally published at Whoever said "he who dies with the most toys, wins" was wrong. When you ...
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March 09, 2009
How Do You Know If Your Dream Is Attainable?
By John Maxwell
The following was excerpted from John Maxwell's blog. To read it in its entirety, visit John Maxwell On Leadership: I've been a proponent of positive thinking for as long as I can remember. I ...
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March 06, 2009
VIDEO: Michelle Obama Should Arm Wrestle Me
By Laura Ingraham
On Thursday's O'Reilly Factor, conservative radio host Laura Ingraham said that she and Michelle Obama agree on at last one thing: sleeveless shirts are awesome. She then jokingly suggested that ...
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March 05, 2009
The Longest I've Worked For A Compliment
By Andy Andrews
About twenty years. That is, the best I can figure, the longest I have worked for a compliment. I received it just the other day and it came from a woman I don't really know. The remark containing ...
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March 05, 2009
VIDEO: Fergie's 'Young Victoria' Film
By Sarah Ferguson
Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson has a new title: film producer. The philanthropist and children's advocate producer the upcoming Martin Scorsese film, The Young Victoria, which is about the early life of ...
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March 04, 2009
Leadership Behaviors - Everything Speaks
By Dennis Snow
The following is from Dennis Snow's blog, "Dennis Snow's Service Excellence Blog": As a leader in the organization, remember that "everything speaks."; Your behavior in front of employees "speaks"; ...
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March 04, 2009
Finding the Right Jobs for Gen Yers
By Bruce Tulgan
What a job means to Gen Yers depends on what's going on in their lives at any given time. Here are the seven job types for Generation Y:Sometimes they just want to hide out and collect a paycheck. I call ...
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March 03, 2009
VIDEO: Huckabee's CPAC Speech
By Gov Mike Huckabee
Last week, Mike Huckabee spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). In his rousing speech, he touched on a number of issues close to conservatives' heart while urging supports to return the ...

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