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May 02, 2011
Dick Morris Reports - Education: Revolution
By Dick Morris
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May 02, 2011
Seeing Unseen Solutions
By Michael McMillan
I recently closed a speech with this challenge:"You can live each day in a world filled with "problems,"; or rise each morning and embrace a world filled with unseen solutions… eager for you to find them. The ...
April 16, 2011
Effective Ways to Promote Your Speaker
By Michael Smallbone
You've Found the Right Speaker, Now Fill the Room! Chances are, the reason most of our members renew their dues each year is because they can't afford not to. Associations provide the networking and educational ...
April 15, 2011
He Talks, We Listen
By Shawn Hanks
The following is a profile article that NJ Savvy Magazine did on Scott Rasmussen. From his perch in Asbury Park, pollster Scott Rasmussen keeps a sharp eye on the nation. From economics and politics to Bruce Springsteen and Snooki, ...
April 13, 2011
Ray Kurzweil on The Colbert Report
By Ryan Giffen
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April 13, 2011
Making Sense: No CRs in 2012
By Michael Reagan
Republicans acted on the message voters sent in the 2010 congressional elections when they elected more than enough members of the House to control that body; they tackled the scandal of out-of-control ...
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April 07, 2011
Making Sense: The Great Budget Train Wreck
By Michael Reagan
The current furor over the national budget is ample proof of the fact that federal budgets should be completed in time and based on reality, and not based on welfare-state politics. Instead, ...
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March 30, 2011
Making Sense: A So-So Presidential Speech
By Michael Reagan
If President Obama's address to the nation the other night was meant to keep the American people up-to-date on the situation in the Middle East, it missed its mark, leaving us in a state of ...
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March 23, 2011
Michael Reagan on What Needs to Happen in Libya
By Michael Reagan
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March 23, 2011
Captain Scott O'Grady on Patrolling No-Fly Zones
By Scott O'Grady
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