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July 06, 2009
VIDEO: Huckabee Reacts to Sarah Palin's Resignation
By Gov Mike Huckabee
Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee joined Karl Rove and Alaska Lt. Governor Sean Parnell on Fox News Sunday to discuss the surprise resignation of Gov. Sarah Palin. See Huckabee's ...
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July 06, 2009
WSJ: The Cyber Way to Knowledge
By Amb. James K. Glassman
James K. Glassman, former under secretary of state for public diplomacy and public affairs, recently wrote in the Wall Street Journal about the next revolution in education. Here's an excerpt: Every three years, the Program for ...
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June 29, 2009
VIDEO: Hannity Discusses Michael Jackson's Legacy
By Sean Hannity
Sean Hannity and Rev. Jesse Jackson discussed the complex legacy and personality of Michael Jackson. The Reverend was a close friends with the conflicted King of Pop. Although Hannity and ...
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June 29, 2009
VIDEO: The Cost of Climate Change
By Dick Morris
Cap and trade would cause some people's utility bills to double. So says political consultant Dick Morris. On Friday the U.S. House of Representatives passed the Waxman-Markey bill, which would attempt to ...
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June 29, 2009
The Total Confidence Reading Plan
By Tim Sanders
On his personal blog, Sanders Says, Tim Sanders recently posted about why leaders need to be reading more. The former Yahoo! CSO and green expert says that most of us are not reading enough books, and he ...
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June 29, 2009
Small Changes Making a Big Difference
By Andrew Winston
Environmental policy and business expert Andrew Winston recently wrote a column for Harvard Business Online about differentiating major changes and incremental changes. When it comes to the ...
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June 20, 2009
VIDEO: Huckabee Debates Abortion with Jon Stewart
By Gov Mike Huckabee
When Mike Huckabee visited The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last year, the two men discussed same-sex marriage, which was a topic chosen by Stewart. Last week, Huckabee, a tenacious pro-life ...
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June 18, 2009
VIDEO: Andy Andrews' 5 Life-Changing Principles
By Andy Andrews
Andy Andrews, the author of The Noticer, spoke with the team at Fox & Friends about "noticing the little things that make a big difference". He also laid out his five life-changing ...
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June 16, 2009
VIDEO: Joe Torre Chats with Conan O'Brien
By Joe Torre
Los Angeles Dodgers' manager Joe Torre stopped by The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien last night to talk about his team's fantastic success and his new book, The Yankee Years. Two and a half months into ...
June 14, 2009
Glenn Beck Featured on ABC's '20/20'
By Glenn Beck
Conservative commentator Glenn Beck was recently featured on ABC's 20/20. Beck was recently interviewed by John Stossel for the long-running news show. In a preview released on, Beck and his wife, ...

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