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February 24, 2012
Darrell Waltrip Shares His Story of Dale Earnhardt's Last Race [VIDEO]
By Darrell Waltrip
Sundays Will Never Be The Same. This Sunday, Nascar fans will celebrate another Daytona 500, one of the most exciting American sporting events of the year. No one can ...
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February 24, 2012
MTV's, Ryan Kahn from "Hired!" stops by Premiere's office.
By Ryan Kahn
One of the nation's most recognized career coaches for the newly-graduated, Ryan Kahn is star of MTV's Hired! and author of Hired! The Guide for the Recent Grad. Over the last decade, Kahn ...
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February 22, 2012
How to Harness Your Entrepreneurial Spirit: Interview with Ben Casnocha [VIDEO]
By Ben Casnocha
Check out the skype interview with Ryan Giffen to learn more about Ben Casnocha, and his philosophies on appling entrepreneurial techniques to your life: How do you ...
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February 17, 2012
"'The Vow': A True Story of Love" (Today Show Interview)
By Kim & Krickitt Carpenter
Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy _________________________________________________ We are pleased to announce exclusive representation of Kim and ...
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February 15, 2012
Why Your Business Needs to Embrace Social Media: Interview with Scott Stratten
By Scott Stratten
Is Social Media relevant? No one can doubt that Social Media platforms have made an impact on the way society interacts. But can you convince decision makers ...
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February 14, 2012
Improve Your Results by Focusing on the Possibilities
By Ruben Gonzalez
by Four-time Olympian Ruben Gonzalez Whether I'm speaking for 25 people in a boardroom or 10,000 people in an arena, I finish my speeches by saying, "What are the chances that someone ...
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February 14, 2012
"The Start-Up of You" Releases at #1 on Amazon!
By Ben Casnocha
The career escalator is jammed at every level. Unemployment rates are sky-high. Creative disruption is shaking every industry. Global competition for jobs is fierce. The employer-employee pact is ...
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February 10, 2012
A Little More Heat
By Michael Reagan
Column from, Illustration by Mike Keefe. Making Sense, by Michael Reagan It seems to me that what is missing in the top two contenders for the Republican presidential nomination is passion. While Ron Paul ...
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February 09, 2012
Innovative Visual Communication 101: An Interview with Michael McMillan
By Michael McMillan
Inspiration is a cycle. To complete this cycle, it helps to understand the process of making something inspirational. In this video, Michael McMillan does just ...
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February 06, 2012
Fighting for His Life, then Fighting for the Sharks
By Krishna Thompson
Shark attack survivor visits Stony Brook University, films "Shark Week" segment for the Discovery Channel. Article from, written by Christine Sampson. Krishna Thompson is an ...

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