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March 26, 2009
Sick of the Vicious Cycles? Start a Virtuous One
By Bob Rosner
The following is excerpted from Bob Rosner's article: Didn't they used to say that bad news came in 3's? Today if feels like it's coming in 3,000's. Jeez, I can't remember the last ...
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March 23, 2009
VIDEO: Huck Jams with a Local Band
By Gov Mike Huckabee
Mike Huckabee recently jammed with a local band from Elkhart, Ind. during a taping of his Fox News Channel show Huckabee. The former Arkansas governor recorded an episode of his show from Elkhar, as it ...
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March 23, 2009
An Immigrant's Perspective - When and How the Economy Will Turn
By Vince Poscente
The following is from Vince Poscente's Speed Blog: I emigrated from Canada to the USA in 1995. (You could say you're protecting the wrong border.) Yet with my good fortune to ...
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March 18, 2009
WSJ Spotlights Art Linkletter
By Art Linkletter
At 96 years old, Art Linkletter isn't slowing down. The Wall Street Journal recently ran an excellent feature on the entertainment icon. The full article, which was written by fellow PSB exclusive Stephen ...
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March 17, 2009
Huckabee Featured in 'Esquire'
By Gov Mike Huckabee
Gov. Mike Huckabee is featured in a recent issue of Esquire magazine. The article, which refers to the 2008 presidential candidate as "the nicest guy in [the Republican] party", is available at ...
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March 17, 2009
Is Training the Answer?
By Dennis Snow
The following is from Dennis Snow's blog: When employee performance issues come up, particularly in regard to customer service behaviors, organizations are quick to send their people off for training in order to fix ...
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March 16, 2009
What If the Economy Isn't Tanking?
By Neil Cavuto
The following originally ran on What if? What if everyone's wrong? What if the economy's not tanking? It's not a depression? What if the long doom predicted by economists who never saw it coming ...
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March 16, 2009
A Call To Share Our Abundance
By Michelle Singletary
The following was originally posted at At 66, Connie Neuman is doing okay financially. So when she found out a friend was out of work, she offered to send her $40 every month. The ...
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March 16, 2009
Living a 5 Star Life!
By Rory Vaden
You cannot hide behind the excuse that you are disciplined in one area of your life but not in others. You are either becoming more disciplined and successful in every area of your life or you are becoming more indulgent ...
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March 12, 2009
Necessary Adjustments
By Vince Poscente
When you feel out of sorts it's difficult to focus on moving forward. Mild discomfort can make it hard to concentrate. Major discomfort makes it nearly impossible. Yet, alter, adjust or reposition and you're ...

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