BJ Bueno

BJ Bueno

Cult Branding Expert, Thought Leader, Author, and Speaker

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About BJ Bueno

As a gifted speaker and branding expert, BOLIVAR J. BUENO has had the privilege of presenting his ideas on consumer psychology for organizations including CNN, Target, IBM, Kohl's, and the LA Lakers.

As a speaker and board member of the National Retail Federation (NRF) and the Retail Advertising & Marketing Association (RAMA), BJ advises companies like Target, Walmart, Washington Mutual, Toys-R-Us and Kohl's in their retail, advertising, and marketing efforts.

A dynamic thought leader in branding ...

His message is irreverent, passionate, ironic, witty, and informative. BJ gets to heart of what matters.

Ontario Long Term Care Association

We promise you, a day spent with B.J. is worth a whole week doing whatever else you’re doing.

Bill Eisner, Managing Partner - Nonbox

What if David Ogilvy had been born in 1979? Meet one of the most insightful speakers in marketing to come along in 20 years. BJ Bueno has amazing insight and contagious passion. Cult Branding will not only inform you, it will inspire you.

Holly Buchanan - Future Now, Inc

BJ is to marketing now what Trout and Ries were 20 years ago.

Eric Roads, CEO/Publisher - RADIO INK Magazine

A gifted marketing strategist and speaker.

Roy H. Williams - The Wizard of Ads

As a skilled and powerful communicator, BJ illuminated the secrets of branding and inspired our organization to build our magic brand.

David Copperfield
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