Bill Stainton CSP, CPAE | 29-Time Emmy Award Winning Hall of Fame Speaker on Innovation, Creativity, and Breakthrough Thinking

Bill Stainton CSP, CPAE

29-Time Emmy Award Winning Hall of Fame Speaker on Innovation, Creativity, and Breakthrough Thinking

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Bill Stainton CSP, CPAE
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Bill Stainton CSP, CPAE
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Connect the Dots
How to Think Differently

THE CRITICAL SKILL FOR TODAY’S LEADER! Einstein allegedly said, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them,” and he was right. The key to turning problems, challenges, and uncertainty into opportunity is the ability to think differently. To ask different questions, to look at situations from different perspectives. But how do you actually do that? This entertaining, engaging, and interactive keynote—from a 29-time Emmy Award-winning TV producer who had to think differently every week for 15 years—will answer that question. When you leave this session, you’ll not only know the secrets behind real innovation, but you’ll also know what thinking differently feels like—because you’ll have actually done it! You’ll see that opportunities for innovating, for connecting, and for thinking differently are, literally, all around you!

• Debunk—for good—the myth that some people (and some industries) just aren’t innovative.
• Discover what thinking differently really feels like, so that you can reproduce it on demand.
• Learn the 2 critical skills for breakthrough thinking.
• Uncover the secret to coming up with your Million-Dollar Ideas.
• Gain hands-on tools for elevating your breakthrough thinking skills.


Innovation for “Non-Innovators”

WARNING: THIS TITLE IS A LIE! There is no such thing as a “non-innovator.” There are only people who don’t believe they are innovative. You probably have a number of these people on your team—which is great news, because it means you’ve got an untapped gold mine at your fingertips. In this energetic, entertaining, and enlightening keynote program, 29-time Emmy Award-winner Bill Stainton will prove that everyone is an innovator—including everyone on your team! For 15 years as a TV producer, Bill had to be innovative—on demand—each and every week. And he found that innovative solutions are not a matter of “waiting for the lightning bolt”—they’re about specific, learnable techniques that spark innovation. Bill, the author of The Innovation Blueprint, knows those techniques because he implemented them. Every week. For 15 years. And he’ll show you how to implement them as well.

• Discover the one thing that separates innovators from non-innovators (and how to use it to your advantage).
• Shatter—once and for all—the “I’m just not creative” roadblock.
• Find out what the “Homer Simpson moment” is, and how innovators treat it differently than the rest of us.
• Eliminate the idea that innovations have to be earth-shattering in order to “count” (and find out what this has to do with ketchup).
• Become an innovator. Immediately. Even before the program is over.


Elite Innovation Lab


During Bill’s keynote, you learned what innovation really is, and how you (yes, you) can put it use within your team. Now it’s time to do just that. In this invitation-only application session, you’ll roll up your sleeves and apply Bill’s innovation tools and techniques specifically to a challenge, problem, or opportunity that you’re currently facing. The relevance of this session is guaranteed, because you yourself, in conjunction with your team, will actually choose the issue(s) you want to work on. Depending on the length of your lab (anywhere from 1 to 3 hours), you’ll apply multiple innovative approaches to your business, all under the guidance and facilitation of innovation expert Bill Stainton

• Generate dozens of creative and innovative solutions to your most pressing business challenges and opportunities.
• Experience highly effective innovation tools and techniques first-hand, so that you can use them over and over again whenever you want.
• Learn how to look at your business in new and different ways—including ways that your competition would never think of.
• Discover that you and your team are innovative, and that innovation is actually much easier than you think.
• Laugh a lot, because creativity, innovation, and laughter go hand-in-hand.


Crunch Time
The Leader’s Guide to Producing Under Pressure

HOW TO BE YOUR BEST—WHEN IT MATTERS MOST! Why do some people choke in high-pressure situations, while other excel? And, more importantly, how can you become the one who excels? For 15 years, 29-time Emmy Award-winner Bill Stainton produced under ressure—literally. As the Executive Producer of the most successful regional comedy TV show in the United States, Bill and his team had to produce exceptional results—on demand—week after week after week. No excuses. Each week, when the clock hit 11:30pm, they had to go on the air in front of a million people with a new show. And their jobs depended on the outcome. As leaders, your teams face high-pressure situations as well. How can you help them rise to the top when it matters most? Find out in this fast-paced keynote.

• Discover the crucial mindset shift that determines whether you will choke or thrive under pressure.
• Learn what Jerry Seinfeld told Bill that changed everything.
• Apply—in real time—a vital high-pressure prep technique to your specific challenges.
• Examine the myth that some people “rise to the occasion” and do their best work under pressure—and why this myth is good news for you.
• Walk out with actionable strategies to be your best when it matters most.


Bill Stainton CSP, CPAE
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