Ben Utecht

Ben Utecht advocacy, nfl, concussion, Football Player Ben Utecht advocacy, nfl, concussion, Football Player

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Ben captivated our audience of neurology professionals at our recent Awards Luncheon with his personal story of courage and hope. Not only is he dynamic and engaging, his personal story resonates with others and increases awareness on the needs to support research to help brain injury patients, especially those with sports concussion.
Catherine, CEO - American Academy of Neurology and American Brain Foundation
Ben's keynote moved the audience from laughter to tears to a standing ovation! Afterwards men commented "he was on of the best speakers yet! and good luck topping that." We are pleased to have included ben in one marque men's event of the year and highly recommend Ben Utecht as a keynote speaker!
Rachel, Event Planner - Tri-County Health Care
Ben Utecht is a remarkable example of someone who has turned a tragedy into a life-affirming effort to educate the public, especially parents and young athletes, about the potential serious consequences of sports concussion and other head injuries.
Timothy A. Pedley MD, FAAN, President - American Academy of Neurology
Your evaluations were excellent and you received many wonderful comments such as… “Awesome…Wow…Excellent speaker and topic, Made me cry, Moving, Powerful, Great message, beautiful story , fun to listen to, and many thank you’s for sharing your story!” This was my last convention, as I retired after 31 years of planning workshops and conventions, and I have to say that meeting you and having you a part of my last convention was very special.
Bev Herman, Former Education Director - ND Long Term Care Association
Ben was amazing! It’s clear that Ben knows how to gear his talk to the audience. He was in a roomful of the best neuroscientists in the world (including a Nobel Laureate), and he clearly knew how to connect the science to the human perspective. It was such an inspiring way to start our session on memory loss; many attendees came up to me later to let me know how inspired and impressed they were by Ben.
Eileen Maler, Program Manager of Neuroscience - The McKnight Foundation
Ben did a fantastic job.  On our program evaluation from the participants,  he scored a 9.1 on a 10 point scale.  He scored higher than Dr. Omalu.  Our board chair said “he hit it out of the park”.  During our board meeting one of the CEOs said she will change the way her organization treats brain injury patients based on Ben’s comments.
Cathy Morrow, Senior Director - Vizient