Bazzel Baz | Co-Star on NBC's The Blacklist, Former CIA Special Operations Operative Turned Extreme Humanitarian and MSNBC Advisor on War on Terrorism

Bazzel Baz

Co-Star on NBC's The Blacklist, Former CIA Special Operations Operative Turned Extreme Humanitarian and MSNBC Advisor on War on Terrorism

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Bazzel Baz
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How To Fight for America

This is what every American who loves the Constitution realizes that the nation is being sold out needs to know about taking the country back.  Every person needs a strategy when it comes to fighting a war and Patriots in our country are in a war now whether they like it our not.  It was not something we asked for, but it is something we will loose if we do not understand what tactics we can apply to defeat the enemy.  Make no doubt about it, we are having the same discussions in 2024 about our nation as our founding fathers did in the 1700s.  History does indeed repeat itself and if we are to be on the right side of history then we must be smarter than the Globalists, Communist, Marxist and left wing Socialists that are hell bent on destroying the United States of America so that one day it falls under the crippling grip of a One World Government.  Once thought to be a conspiracy, now boldly those who defy the Constitution have thrown out the gauntlet.  The question for all American Patriots is this…are you going to pick it up?  This presentation is a favorite among many of the RNC members in Colorado who so often have commented that much like Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin and Patrick Henry, Baz as a Patriot is respected for his knowledge of the country who draws from the recesses of the human heart.  A gifted orator and major figure in America today in media and on stage, his rousing speeches will fire up America’s fight for independence, personal freedoms, and limits on the government’s constitutional power. “ For such a time as this we were created.   We were born ready for the fight and we intend to honor our forefathers with the way we live our lives and the way we intend to die for our country.  Let it not be said that we fainted or feared in the face of tyranny but that we stood strong and showed the world that we the people will not be overcome, oppressed or denied the right for freedom.  Our blood will be mixed with the blood of those who have gone before us in defense of the Constitution and shall not return to the earth void.  On this day, let it be known that whether I stand alone or other stand with me, the fight shall be to the bloody end.”  7 December 2020

Who Are You?

Who Are You -  One of the most challenging things for people in America whether starting out in a career, active in that career or retired is finding their value in who they are and not what they do.  For so many people on the journey in life they put most of the emphasis on what they do in life to give them purpose and fulfillment. Allow Bazzel Baz to alter that perception and provide you with bullet proof principles for living a better life by sharing the wisdom of ancients who were able to grasp and apply the following concepts in life, just to name a few:

The greatest battle fought are not against the world but those we fight against ourselves.  And if that be the case then we are far greater than most other humans because it is our integrity that forces us to look inward rather than casting blame on the world that surrounds us.
We do not rise to the level of our expectations…we fall to the level of our training. 
People don’t care about how much you know…until they see just how much you care. 
Successful people are not gifted.  They just work hard and then succeed on purpose.
You are the same person every single day.  You intervene.  You take action.  You do the same thing 1,000 times, and then one day you do that same thing and it gets broadcast to the world as an “act of heroism.” Many people want to be a hero and they’re looking for their 15 minutes of fame.  But they are couch potatoes every day.  So when the opportunity comes, they are unprepared or don’t even respond.  They are not heroes.

The Point of Your Existence

The point of your existence is the playbook for self Esteem Building blocks to strengthen organizational platforms and members of any company for success. This is an education beyond textbook learning that dives into the very core of why you are here on this earth.  Each day in the work environment companies and organizations are dealing with the ever-changing attitude of wokeism, cancel culture, apathy and non-disciplined employees that simply have never been taught the value of being anything other than who the world tells them to be.  They have been taught since grade school on what to think rather than how to think.  They have not been taught how to navigate the fault lines of uncertainty and hard times.  They do not realize that the fate of the nation is in their hands because they are the fate of the nation.  They are the leaders that must stand in the gap of uncertainty, holding fast to common sense and ready to set the example that generations after them need to see.  They must understand that if they are to be great at anything then the mission must be bigger than the person.

We will take a look during this presentation through the lens of wisdom from a man, Bazzel Baz who took risks while others were playing it safe and boldly and unashamedly guide the audience towards a unique leadership style that so very often is reserved for those Special Operations personnel whose method of critical thinking has made the difference between life and death.  This presentation has proven itself to inspire members of the audience to take their rightful place and lead their country, their church and their friends and family to successful outcomes and to push them one step closer to being the warriors and people God intended them to be.  Bazzel Baz is not here to show anyone in the audience how to fulfill positions of prominence but positions of obedience, responsibility, integrity and perseverance.

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Bazzel Baz

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