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Bathsheba, gave a riveting performance that genuinely illuminated a key identity-gap dynamic that exist between the older and younger generations. In just a few minutes she masterfully illustrated with verbal pictures, how younger people struggle to find their place, hit their stride and gain clarity about direction and purpose. From her compelling words and vivid delivery, the older were able to resonate with the struggle and better know how to relate to the young. Dr. Corinthia Boone, Chair of the Capital Region National Day of Prayer, and a representative of the "traditionalist" generation said Bathsheba's rendition "was just what we needed!"
Rev. Michael C. Worsley, Engagement Officer - World Vision
Bathsheba was a dynamic, thoughtful and authentic presenter and facilitator. Middle and high school girls can be a challenging crowd to engage with – but Bathsheba had no challenges here. She was energetic and enthusiastic, well aware of the fact that she sets the tone for the group of students. She disseminated invaluable information to our girls and had them actively participate in the learning process, teaching each other and coming to their own conclusions about the subject matter. Bathsheba’s energy was unmatched and her efforts were obvious – her energizing presentation style drew our girls in and I know that they learned something that morning. We are so grateful for her contributions to our mission to inspire ALL girls to be strong, smart & bold, so they become women who are healthy, educated & independent, and we look forward to partnering with her again in the future!
Christina M. Parrish, Program Director - Girls Inc DC
It had the students really analyze themselves internally and how people viewed them externally. It prepared them for their future by having them strengthen their views of themselves so that they could work past other people's expectations of them.
Sarah Wohler, 9th grade English Teacher
Her workshop was empowering. It helped me realize the cage I was trapped in and it also showed me how to break out. . . . Some cages were broken and we're given the opportunity to be freed. This by far was the best workshop I've ever been to.
Africa Jordan, 9th grade
. . . amazingly tailored to my school's demographics. She took the time to discuss the meanings of her poems with the students, bridging the gap between lyrical poetry in and out of the classroom; they could really apply what they had learned in school!
Anna Smunt (Teacher)
The students continue to talk about your workshops and look forward to you returning in January. I know your impact on their lives will be immeasurable for years to come! Thank you for your commitment to today's youth.
Lee Vreeland, Chief Academic Officer - Achievable Dream Academies
I thought she was the best poet I ever heard. It was creative and she started from 6th grade. It made me feel happy because I never seen a talented poet in my life, and it felt cool.
Andrew Montano, 6th grade - Ventura
I thought it was inspiring and very touching, especially the songs. It made me feel that anything is possible. I think she's a great influence to younger kids.
Emeli Sanchez, 6th grade
The poetry workshop was a fun & excellent experience. I really enjoyed it. It helped me find my inner self. Mrs. Smithen taught me not to worry about what people say, but to love yourself regardless of race, size, or religion. Just be yourself.
Terrell Carroll, 9th grade
It is my pleasure to strongly recommend the performing arts and educational services of Ms. Bathsheba Smithen. I have contracted the services of Ms. Smithen for over a decade. In that time, I have regarded her as "the complete professional." Ms. Smithen has the necessary experience, commitment, knowledge, and self-discipline required for success in any contractual agreement for her services. She has assisted our organization in the development of curriculum, training teachers, tutoring students and dramatic performances for students. Her professional and academic records are impeccable. In my opinion, she is exactly the kind of educator and dramatic performer needed in this new era of public education. Her unique talent and genuine concern for the needs of all children have been demonstrated over her prestigious career.
Dr. John W. Hodge, President - Urban Learning and Leadership Center
Bathsheba was one of the speakers for our Leaders in Education Summit held in Lagos, Nigeria. We were pleasantly surprised with how inspiring and engaging she was with the audience throughout her sessions. She was also fantastic to deal with and coordinate before, during and after the event which makes Bathsheba high on our list of speakers for any future conference that we will hold. Our team definitely recommends Bathsheba to all educational event organizers!
Danny Mesmar, Event Manager - GESS Nigeria