Annie Duke | Author, Decision Strategist, & Former Professional Poker Player

Annie Duke

Author, Decision Strategist, & Former Professional Poker Player

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Annie Duke
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2015 TEDx Talk
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Workplace Culture

At work, we learn through experience. Whether those lessons stick depends on overcoming irrational thinking patterns with a constructive workplace culture.

Decision Fitness

During the moments when we make decisions or experience outcomes, we can easily be influenced by emotions connected with winning and losing. Setting up "best practices" in advance can minimize that influence.

Facts, Beliefs, and Probabilities

Our brains developed for quickness, but they lack the accuracy and completeness of computers. There are, however, several ways we can improve how we process and interpret information.

Long-Term Thinking

Humans have the unique ability to imagine and contemplate the future. Our short-term and long-term goals frequently conflict, however, and when they do, our instinct is to sacrifice the future for the present.

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Annie Duke

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