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Andrew Rotherham: Andrew J. Rotherham on Education Reform

Andrew Rotherham

Co-founder and Partner at Bellwether Education

About Andrew Rotherham

Andrew J. Rotherham is a co-founder and partner at Bellwether Education Partners, a national nonprofit organization working to support educational innovation and improve educational outcomes for underserved students. Rotherham leads Bellwether's policy analysis and thought leadership work. He is also the executive editor of Real Clear Education, part of the Real Clear Politics family of news and analysis websites, a contributing editor to U.S. News & World Report, writes the blog ...

Mr. Rotherham's presentation was lively, relevant and engaging. Participants left feeling inspired as well as challenged. Participants walked away from the luncheon presentation with concrete ideas for action. It was a success all around!

Nina Lopez - Donnell-Kay Foundation

Rotherham is one of those unique individuals who can frame a question or present information in a way that informs, stimulates and challenges the audience to engage with the topic and to think beyond boundaries.

Gina Burkhardt - Chief Executive Officer, Learning Point Associates

He has a unique ability to explain the nexus of education policy and the politics of education. He is insightful and provocative, offering anecdotes and predictive glimpses that naturally prompt a healthy debate on the topic he is addressing.

Jeffery Cohen - President, Catapult Learning

Andy brings a forward-thinking and especially informed voice to public education policy. His national scope and in-depth knowledge of state level public education matters are invaluable to those of us working on state and local level policies.

Elizabeth Evans - Illinois Network of Charter Schools

Andrew is a consistently fresh, challenging, & cogent thinker. He is familiar with scholarly research and is connected to leading figures of the day, and uses that knowledge & savvy to provide provocative, insightful takes on key educational debates.

Frederick M. Hess - of Education Policy Studies, American Enterprise Institute

Andrew Rotherham's knowledge of an array of issues and his ability to communicate them clearly to governors and their advisors has made him a valuable resource to the National Governors Association.

Dane Linn - Director, Center for Best Practices, National Governors Association
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