Andrea Simon Text Reviews

Dr. Simon scored very high at my CEO group... her exercises added hands-on experiential learning.
Pamela Olson - Vistage Chair, Chicago
Thank you for your wonderful presentation to our St. Louis group.
Tim Hanser
Dr. Simon provided tremendous practical insights on how to perform an enterprise self-assessment and competition analysis. As leader of the Philadelphia CEO Group Dr. Simon was well suited to tailor her half-day program to a 90 minute presentation. Her presentation was succinct and powerful, and I know the presentation was well received by the Wharton School.
Philip P. Jaurigue - President, Sabre Systems
I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation last week. I have spent considerable time since then thinking through the implications for my life of the materials you presented.
James L. Burke - Vistage St. Louis
Andi Simon makes strategy compelling, intuitive, action-able, and fun! Our Vistage CEO Groups across the US have come to value her knowledge, command of the room, high energy, and deep experience in creating and implementing strategy. Her ability to hold an audience for over three hours is awesome. Andi is the best strategy speaker I’ve heard over 20 years of working closely with CEOs.
Allen Hauge, Group Chair - Vistage International
Andi Simon is our go-to leader for idea creation and innovation spring challenges. She possesses a rare ability to engage and connect with a diverse audience and make each participant feel as if she is targeting him/her. We sought her leadership to facilitate the dif?cult task of ?nding pathways to collaboration among sometimes competing interests, and she delivered a how-to map that is at once targeted and direct, yet ideally suited to take advantage of emerging opportunities.
Richard Ludwick, President - Independent Colleges of Indiana
Andi Simon not only outlines concepts crisply but also o?ers implementation techniques that executives can understand and execute. From ?nding new markets to innovation to Blue Ocean Strategy, Andi Simon is one of the best speakers around today.
Clyde Northrop, Master Chair - Vistage International
Andi Simon’s workshops were a great fit for our company given that we were looking for a philosophy and set of tools that would help ignite an innovative spirit within our organization. Andi sought to understand our history and current situation and then was able to structure and teach with a strong focus on making sure everyone in our team was able to grasp her concepts. Andi and I also spent a lot of time after our workshops discussing next steps for Shape. I would highly recommend Andi’s workshops for other companies looking to create more innovation from within.
Jeff Piper, Executive Vice President - America’s Shape Corporation
Andi Simon is a modern social anthropologist turned business consultant who works with companies and business leaders that need change, and she helps business leaders look at things differently in order to make the changes possible. Andi helped my clients understand how to move away from their “red ocean” market focus, and move into the desirable “blue oceans” of opportunity. My clients came away with new tools and a strategic planning canvas that can be used over and over again. Andi is definitely at the top of her game and a great resource for anyone who wants to look at business situations differently.
Severin Sorensen, Utah Chair - Vistage International