Andrea Simon Speech Topics

The Power of Corporate Anthropology: How “Fresh Eyes” Can Lead to Phenomenal Growth
The Company Culture Trap: Battling the Vicious Cycle of Embedded Patterns
New Markets Await: Techniques to Outsmart Your Competitors and Create Your Own Demand
Demography Is Destiny: How Changing Times Impact Your Business and Why You Should Pay Attention
The Customer Conundrum: Secrets to Knowing What Your Current (and Future) Customers Actually Want
Six Tips for Trying Times
1. You are not what you do: It’s hard to separate the two. Change requires you to separate what you do from who you are. 2. Change is literally pain—but staying the same is worse: Change is literally pain—research is showing us how the brain hates the pain of change. Habits are easier, but not...
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“You Aren’t What You Do”
Despite the fact that you are often identified by what you do, we need to stop thinking that we are what we do. How else are we going to cope with changing times? In these times of crises where you may find yourself out of a job, have a business that is no longer in great demand, or have built...
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