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Andre Taylor is an award-winning entrepreneur, strategic thinker, dynamic speaker, and media personality. He's the author of a series of books, videos, and learning programs on winning, leadership, personal effectiveness, and business success. Andre has launched and grown unique and successful businesses from Wall Street to Main Street in media, marketing and management consulting. His most popular book and speaking topic is: You Can Still Win!: Break Through, Bounce Back, Come from Behind and Flourish!

He's a frequent contributor to ABC News, Money Matters and regularly appears on other broadcast and cable television networks, radio, Internet programming and in print publications. He's had extensive corporate experience and is a serial entrepreneur and founder of Taylor Insight Worldwide, a premier leadership development firm providing innovative, forward moving advice, information, and resources for high-potential individuals, entrepreneurs, and entrepreneurial enterprises.

Andre is at the leading edge of new and innovative thinking on the discipline of winning and leadership. He's built a reputation for turning the typically unspoken struggles of ambitious people and entrepreneurs into insightful and synthesized lessons that, once learned, lead to exponential success. He's written authoritatively and extensively about the importance of maximizing human potential and resilience, uncommonly dissecting key ingredients to successful careers, high-impact marketing, and how to meet the demands of growing entrepreneurial companies. Andre lectures extensively at industry conferences, corporate events, colleges, universities, and private events in the United States, Europe, and Asia. His weekly online newsletter Flourish!, regular social media updates, blog posts, and articles in trade journals, and media appearances spark conversation and make him one of today's most dynamic voices on the subject of personal and business success.

Andre's talks include:
You Can Still Win! Break through, Bounce Back, Come from Behind and Flourish
How to Win! Right Here. Right Now.
Winning, Leadership, and the Entrepreneurial Enterprise
Winning In Sales: The 7 MUSTS: Succeed In The Modern Game of Selling
Expand: Outgrow Your Limits. Unlock Your Potential.
You Are Your Habits: The 4 Habits Winners Master