Andre P Politzer

Andre P Politzer, Leadership Speaker, Leadership & Relationships leadership, leadership event Andre P Politzer, Leadership Speaker, Leadership & Relationships leadership, leadership event

Andre P Politzer Bio

Andre Politzer is an adept Business Consultant, Professional Certified Coach in Leadership Development and author who grew up in Paris and who resides in New York for over two decades with his wife, children & grandchildren.

Passionate communicator and mentor, he impacts thousands of leaders and entrepreneurs with his rich experience in the global corporate arena. He founded Majestery and CoachingPath in 2009 serving Fortune 500 and mid-market businesses stimulating leaders and managers to innovate and give purpose and meaning with focuses in leadership performance and customer centricity.

He is bi-lingual English and French. Started his career as a professional actor before moving to his business professional journey. Not many speakers can invoke the power of acting to engender leadership skills and charisma. Andre long ago found unique ways to utilize the strength of communicating efficiently and acting on stage for the production of better leaders and higher-achieving businesses. For Executive Presence and Team Building performance, when appropriate, he uses the method advocated by Konstantin Stanislavsky (1863-1938), serving leaders' exponential need to build character from their inner selves outward.

Organizations and planners hire him for being a vibrant keynote, who shakes up all type of audience he captivates instantaneously delivering eloquent reality facts sharing vision and expertise on how to strategize, plan and deploy the Innovation Process. He has spoken at international events including the International Hotel Association, Automation Summit, Journalism Conference in Paris France, MWC (Mobile World Congress), Siemens Tech international, Equip'Hotel Paris, Eunis, Hitec, and more.

Andre and his associates' train and coach individuals and teams of leaders to build together with them a profound "sense of purpose" as the key to achieve success. Their missions include topics such as transforming cultures, high performance, team coaching, diversity and inclusion, understand and navigate complex dynamics, eliminating silos or fostering customer centricity.

Millenials and X-ennials who are today's leaders need to build their "brand" as the DNA of their leadership and charisma, define most adaptive persona and prioritize strategic thinking. VC's and investors seek Andre's expertise to accelerate performance and leadership presence shadowing new generation of CEO's at each of their first steps in demanding ventures.

He has an MBA in Hospitality Management, MSc in Economics, and a Coaching Graduate Certification and was rewarded with various executive roles in the Hi-Tech & Hospitality Industries. He is also a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) by the ICF (International Coach Federation). Andre is a sought-after speaker and authored researches and publications in leadership and customer centricity topics and is a play-writer in his free time. His first book will appear in the Summer of 2019 on "Acting in Leadership". He also had his Podcasts and used to produce and host syndicated radio shows both in Europe and locally in the US.