Anders Hoffman

Anders Hoffman, Sports & Adventure adventure, explorer, mindset Anders Hoffman, Sports & Adventure adventure, explorer, mindset

Anders Hoffman Bio

In 2020, Anders Hofman became the first person in history to complete a long-distance triathlon in Antarctica, the Iceman (2.4-mile swim in ice water, 112-mile bike in deep snow, and 26.2 miles run on the glacial surface), to show that limitations are perceptions. It took him just under 73 hours to complete the seemingly impossible, dodging leopard seals, hypothermia, crevasses, and a blizzard.

Together with Yes Theory, he produced a first-of-its-kind independent documentary about the death-defying journey, Project Iceman, crowdfunded by 4.212 partners via NFTs across 72 countries after turning down a $1.25 million streaming offer. The film was released in 158 cinemas across the US in December 2022 after a sold-out world tour with +6,000 people attending 9 premieres in 8 cities in 7 countries.

With an untraditional background of a Master's Degree and working as a Management Consultant, exemplified through the Iceman, Anders combines the two fields for a very practical approach and tools for people to apply in their personal and business life. He speaks about why we should set no limits, how we achieve the seemingly impossible, become mentally strong, and optimize team performance.