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Amir is a leadership development specialist, culture transformation catalyst, and the founder of The Ghannad Group, a consultancy that specializes in guiding leaders in creating extraordinary cultures that deliver breakthrough results and unprecedented fulfillment. A widely recognized authority in the field of organizational development and a highly sought-after keynote speaker at leadership summits in the US and abroad, Amir has long been a trusted advisor and coach to top level executives in multiple industries and locations around the world.

For over 31 years, Amir developed and demonstrated mastery in leading multi-national, multi-functional teams in the US, Southeast Asia, and Europe, with executive leadership positions at companies such as Procter and Gamble and Campbell Soup Company. Having successfully managed multiple turnarounds, sometimes in worst-case-scenario situations, Amir understands that personal and professional development can only occur in the course and context of attempting to deliver concrete, meaningful results.

Through his speaking and consulting practice, Amir is committed to sharing what he's learned about the leadership potential hidden within each one of us, and providing the tools with which to unleash that innate potential and thereby achieve unprecedented levels of success and fulfillment at work and in life. Having worked with such organizations as Conagra, MasterCard, Campbell Soup, Kaplan, L'Oreal, E&J Gallo, Hain, Investment News, and TD Ameritrade, in the capacity of keynote speaker, workshop host, executive coach, and leadership consultant, Amir's leadership experience, multicultural perspective, disarming humor and engaging style make him uniquely suited to work with any organization that is committed to transforming their culture and empowering and engaging team members at all levels.

Amir is the author of The Transformative Leader, which has received rave reviews from award-winning authors and experts in the fields of operational excellence and leadership development. Amir has also been a lecturer on the topic of leadership development in executive MBA programs at Utah State University and the Georgia Institute of Technology, and he has presented on Transformative Leadership at Yale University.

Immigrating to the U.S. on his own at age 16, with hardly any money, an extremely limited English proficiency, and no friends or relatives to rely on, Amir learned early on that failure was not an option. As a young Iranian in the 1980s, Amir adventures (and misadventures) taught him valuable lessons about survival, resourcefulness, resilience, determination, diversity, growth, success, leadership, life, and cultivated his passion for people.

Amir holds B.S. and M.S. degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology and an MBA with emphasis on Organizational Behavior from Wilmington University, and is a Professional Member of the National Speakers Association.