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Amir breaks down the positive aspects of leadership behaviors in such a fun and engaging way that you walk away with a new personal commitment and purpose as a leader. I highly recommend Amir as a speaker for anyone that is seeking clarity on what it may take to drive an organization to the next level
William Stewart, VP Operations - E&J Gallo Winery
I have had the privilege of being "in the room" as a participant and observer of Amir's speaking engagements at least a dozen times. Amir is a true gem. He speaks from the heart and touches the soul. I have witnessed amazing transformations in individuals, organizations, and results, rooted in the seeds Amir planted and nurtured as a speaker. If you have an opportunity to engage with Amir, I highly recommend you take advantage of it!
Mark Cacciatore, SVP Supply Chain & Manufacturing - Conagra Brands
Amir's message is both inspiring and practical. And it is delivered with an awesome blend of energy, wit and conviction. I have personally benefited from his ideas, and have seen the impact they have had on many people over the years.
Mark Alexander, CEO - Icelandic Provisions
Some speakers make you laugh. Good speakers make you think. Great speakers impact your very core and are the catalysts that initiate cultural and personal transformations. Amir is a "Great" speaker
Ian Gordon, President of Operations - Elara Caring
Amir is not only a passionate speaker and author, he is also a joy to be around. He keeps his presentations agile in order to customize a meaningful conversation with his audience and is diligent about following up with them regarding questions and materials.
Nalisha Rangel, Event Planner - JPMorgan Chase
Amir Ghannad has the rare ability to both inspire his audience and provide a set of practical leadership tools. Unlike many motivational speakers, Amir has "walked the talk" learning his craft in real world office and manufacturing environments. Amir connects with his audience by demonstrating humility and openly sharing his mistakes and learnings.
Jeff George, SVP R&D - The Hain Celestial Group
"If I had a dollar for every time somebody told me what a wonderful job you did, I could buy an island!
Cheryl Allen, VP of HR - Kaplan
Amir clearly demonstrated he is one of the foremost leadership development specialists in the industry and left my team overwhelmed with confidence and insight into the personal responsibilities they have as leaders.
Izra Brown, Director of Finance and Administration - USDA
I was very impressed with Amir's communication skills, responsiveness and professionalism. It was an absolute pleasure working with him and I look very forward to our paths crossing again!
Helli Hendesi, CSCP, Manager of Conference Content
His approach, insight, humor, and humility fostered a deep connection with our participants; many of whom cited him by name when asked, 'What speakers stood out or were of the MOST VALUE to you?' - out of over 50 speakers for the year.
Bill Waddington, Consultant - Prison Fellowship Ministries
Amir is one of the most insightful leaders I have ever met. He is engaging and draws in his audience with the most incredible stories. I will definitely call on Amir again the next time we need leadership training.
Brenton Briggs, PMP LSS MBB, Founder & Director - The Eden Project, A Warrior Support Foundation
As a member of several committees and associations who regularly facilitates trainings, I look forward to having him speak to numerous groups in the future as his state-of-the-art message inspires new graduates entering the workforce and long-standing employees alike.
Carrie Parsons, Sr. Consultant, Physician Outreach Services - Piedmont Healthcare
Amir was our No. 1 rated keynote presenter at the 2015 International Shingo Conference. His message on 'Leveraging Culture to Transform Organizations' really resonated with our audience. His delivery and content was exceptional.
Mary Price, Event Manager - Shingo Institute
Amir Ghannad is among the best, brightest, friendliest, and most enthusiastic speakers I have ever had the pleasure of working with.
Geoff Micks, Head of Content & Research - Executive Platforms
Amir is an effective organizational leader, result-getting continuous improvement guru, and captivating public speaker. He is personable, engaging, and charismatic.
Scott Luton, Former Managing Partner and Current Advisor - TalentStream