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Amelia Rose Earhart Amelia Rose Earhart
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Amelia Rose Earhart: Keynote Preview
Amelia Rose Earhart: Handling Turbulence While Flying Around The World
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Amelia Rose Earhart

Single-Engine Aircraft Pilot Who Flew Around the World, President of Fly With Amelia Foundation, Namesake of the Original Amelia Mary Earhart

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About Amelia Rose Earhart

Named by the Jaycees as one of the "Top Ten Young Americans", Amelia Rose Earhart recreated and symbolically completed the 1937 flight of her namesake, Amelia Mary Earhart. Her 28,000-mile flight around the world in a single engine aircraft became a symbol of determination, courage and empowerment for anyone who has ever decided to seek new horizons.

Fortune 500 Companies, The United States Air Force Academy, dozens of Universities and Civic Organizations, just to name a few, have been impacted ...

Amelia provides inspiration for people of all ages to dream big and achieve their goals. Her words will motivate you to set and attain your highest potential through her journey of perseverance, grit and diligence.

Mark - United States Air Force Academy Center for Character and Leadership Development

Not only was her story incredible, but her personal inner strength, and quite frankly guts through personal adversity, is truly inspiring.

Stephen - Northrop Grumman Corporation

Amelia is so relatable and kind and her topic is so relevant in today's world. I was receiving emails and texts during her speech asking how did we connect with her and how wonderful she was. So please, please take this as a 5 star reference for this wonderful woman.

Dubuque Area Chamber of Commerce

We love Amelia! She did a beautiful job...I love how she was able to stay true to herself and use her pilot terminology but still relate it to what we are all experiencing in today's world and with this pandemic, without constantly using the word "pandemic." She brought so much energy, passion, and enthusiasm to the series! It was a pleasure working with her and I know our associates enjoyed hearing her speak.

Capital One
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