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Making Every Oil Calorie Count
The following was written by environmental reporter and author of "Power Trip," Amanda Little, for The New York Times: AS turmoil in Libya pushes up the price of oil, American consumers are once again feeling the sting of $3.50-a-gallon gasoline. But the impact of costly crude on our lives and economy extends far beyond the pump. Virtually ev...
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Offshore Oil Drilling: Better Here Than Elsewhere
The following is an editorial written by environmental journalist Amanda Little in response to the BP oil leak. One month after BP's Deepwater Horizon rig exploded in the Gulf of Mexico and unleashed a catastrophic oil spill, the costs are sickening.Fragile marshes once rich with marine life are now coated with brown scum. Hundreds of shrimpe...
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Environmental Journalist Interviews a Global Warming Skeptic
A reporter on environmental issues including climate change, Amanda Little recently interviewed Sen. James Inhofe, who is prehaps the Senate's most ardent opponent to climate change legislation. Needless to say, it was pretty combative. Here's a portion: Q. You reasserted in today's hearing your belief that global warming is a hoax. Can you c...
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