Allyson Apsey

Allyson Apsey dbc, k-12 Education, Serendipity Allyson Apsey dbc, k-12 Education, Serendipity

Allyson Apsey Speech Topics

Finding Your Own Path to Serendipity

The origin of the word serendipity comes from a Persian tale, “The Three Princes of Serendip.” In the story, three princes tried to impress their father by traveling as everyday people rather than as nobles. During their travels, the princes saw the hardships people went through as well as the...

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Supporting Students, Staff and Families Affected by Trauma

Many of our students, staff and families have been affected by trauma, which makes becoming a trauma-informed educator an important part of setting our students up for success. In addition, the CDC discovered that exposure to trauma increases the likelihood of 7 out of 10 of the leading causes of...

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Helping Others Discover the Best in Themselves

(Even if Life has Shown Them It’s Worst)

This engaging and empowering presentations or workshop will leave educators inspired to live their very best lives and to help each other do the same. Allyson Apsey wil take participants through the eight steps to helping others discover the best in...

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Embracing Challenges

The true test of our character comes not from surviving through the hard times, but thriving because of the hard times. Challenges give us an opportunity to test the strength of our spirit. Embedded in every experience we face is a beautiful opportunity to inch closer toward the person we want to...

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Building Strong, Positive Relationships

Nothing is more important in an organization than strong, positive relationships built on trust. In this presentation, Allyson will share the components necessary for strong positive relationships, strategies to develop these relationships, and allow participants to reflect on their relationships...

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Creating Need-Satisfying Environments Where People Thrive

Allyson’s interactive session will focus on creating a need-satisfying environment in your classroom for both students and for YOU. You will see behavior through a new lens as you explore the purpose of behavior and the information we can learn from behavior.


Learn about Dr. William...

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Leading Through Learning

When we are transparent learners, everyone in our organization benefits. This exciting and interactive session will help you with every step of the process. We will dive deep into strategies to be transparent and vulnerable learners with our students and/or staff, and share ideas to be reflective...

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Bringing the Fun Back to our Hard Work

Can you imagine a job you look forward to just as much as you look forward to the weekends? Can you imagine waking up on Monday morning excited about the day ahead instead of dreading it? As unlikely as it seems, it is possible. In environments where hard work is expected, building in fun makes...

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A Grateful, Hopeful, and Joyful Life

When we have hope, we have everything. And, as long as there is breathe in our lungs, we can have hope. Presenter Allyson Apsey will lead participants on a journey to explore the benefits of gratitude and how gratitude can lead to hope and joy. This multimedia, interactive presentation will leave...

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Leading the Whole Teacher

When we ask teachers what they do to fuel their creativity and passion outside of education, we quickly learned that for many, education is their profession and their hobby. Knowing that teachers give everything they have and more to their students, leaders must support the whole teacher.


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Own Your Story

As they say, in the absence of information, others often form their own conclusions about you, about your school, about your students, and about your staff. In this interactive and engaging session, you will explore ways to own your story. Participants will have an opportunity to explore the...

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