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Alison Hadden: TEDx: Confronting Death to Live a Fuller Life
Alison Hadden: No Time To Waste

Alison Hadden

About Alison Hadden

Alison Hadden is a marketing executive in the tech industry, a veteran speaker, lifelong athlete and adventurer, and now, a cancer warrior after being diagnosed with advanced breast cancer at a fit and seemingly healthy 38 years young.

In February 2020, her inspiring TEDx Talk "Confronting Death to Live a Fuller Life" garnered a standing ovation and seven weeks later, a brain scan revealed a metastatic tumor the size of a lemon which was successfully removed during emergency brain surgery.

Now, ...

I'm grateful we chose Alison as our Keynote Speaker for a recent company sales event. Charismatic, smart, and laugh out loud funny, Alison both captivates and disarms audiences with her with story and her energetic delivery. Her content challenged our teams to embrace the good all around them, inspired them to action, and left them with valuable new perspectives on work and life. For any group that wants a great blend of humor, emotion, and motivation, Alison's an ideal fit.

Kate Ahlering, Chief Sales Officer - Glassdoor

I've been getting amazing feedback about your talk from our employees! They felt like you really understood our company and spoke to us in a meaningful way. You seamlessly incorporated all the themes that were important to our overall kickoff narrative which helped reinforce the message we were trying to get across. Thank you so much for huge role you played in making this year's kickoff such a success, Alison!

Michelle Hanson, Chief of Staff - Classy
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