A.J. Juliani

A.J. Juliani empowerment, education, Project-Based Learning, launch A.J. Juliani empowerment, education, Project-Based Learning, launch

A.J. Juliani Text Reviews

AJ Juliani's keynote had it all..truth, laughs, tears, inspiration. The best I've heard in a very long time!
Sarah Connors - CSSD
I laughed, I cried - this was one of the best keynotes I've ever been to! Excited to get back to school to empower my learners with choice.
Jenny Proffitt - Revolutionizing Learning Conference
I really can't explain how awesome A.J. Juliani is! Inspiring, funny and more importantly, making me reflect on my practice.
Rachel Murrat - New York Schools Teacher of the Year
Passion is exploding as A.J. Juliani speaks & connects with the room on so many levels - teacher, parent, collaborators, mentor.
Gina Florendo - Winnipeg School Division
Standing ovation for A.J. Juliani at Innovative Education Colorado Keynote!
Tina Granato - Code.org Team
I laughed, I cried, (okay teared up) & walked out energized! Thanks, A.J. Juliani for starting off our 2 days of PD with a bang!
Jessica Smith - Bermudian SD
When I see you in action, I always think of Maya Angelou's quote that hung on my classroom door, probably yours too. "At the end of the day people won't remember what you said or did, they will remember how you made them feel." People are drawn to you not only because of your enthusiasm, but because they can personally connect with you. You're one of us, and we feel that.
Lindsay Adrian - Edmonton Career Pathways
By far the best Keynote speaker we've had on opening day! Thank you for the inspiration/motivation A.J. Juliani.
Rebecca Thal - Future Ready NJ Team Member
Hands down the best keynote speaker to kick off the new school year! So inspirational!
Hazlet Township Schools
I will never forget meeting this awesome guest speaker! A.J. Juliani is a true advocate for student learning and passionate about every bit of it! His humor mixed with his knowledge and experience has truly impacted me today. Thanks to FCS Vanguard for having him here today!
Natasha Smith, Coordinator - STEM
A.J. Juliani left me feeling hopeful, motivated and alive because I was definitely on the struggle bus, but now I'm on lets-do-this bus!!!
K. Gambie, ISTE Award Recipient - Innovative Technologist