Adam Welcome | Best Selling Author: Kids Deserve It! & Teachers Deserve It; "NSBA 20 to Watch"; Empowering Teachers and Leaders to Be Awesome for Kids!

Adam Welcome

Best Selling Author: Kids Deserve It! & Teachers Deserve It; "NSBA 20 to Watch"; Empowering Teachers and Leaders to Be Awesome for Kids!

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Adam Welcome

Adam has been a teacher, Assistant Principal, Principal and Director of Innovation for a district with 35,000 students.

He was a '20 To Watch' with the National School Board Association, Principal of the Year in his region, a Fellow with the National Association of Elementary School Principals, and has been blogging about education for the past 15 years.

Adam is passionate about connecting with other educators from across the country and makes it clear that kids come first and has preached the message of Team Kid for many years.

He is also the co-founder of Kids Deserve It, the best selling author of four books and he has three podcasts.

Adam has an amazing wife (Stacy) and two young children (Greta and Tilden) that keep life at home exciting and active. Adam also loves to run and has finished 30 marathons.

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Kids and Teachers Deserve It

Kids Deserve It, and Teachers Deserve It too! It’s SO long overdue! Teachers need more celebration, they need more say in the decision-making process and they deserve to know what the plan is! I’ve been so lucky in my educational career to have been a teacher, Principal, Director, and now traveling the country working with educators on a weekly basis - I know that we can do more.

Creating opportunities for our teachers to be leaders in the building, that’s important! Allowing teachers to wear jeans to school so they don’t have to worry about dry cleaning bills and because jeans are comfortable and fun to wear!

• Teachers need more time in their day for planning and collaboration, so do kids!

• Teachers deserve to be viewed as experts - because they are, and so do kids!

• Teachers deserve a professional learning network that will support them, push them and be there when times are tough!

• And teachers deserve compliments. They’re simple, they’re easy, they’re free and they make a profound impact.

If you’re ready to push the conversation, open your mind to some new ideas and get teachers what they deserve - let’s schedule a high energy, high impact, with tons of tangible takeaways for everyone to grow their practice!

The Time Is Now (education and corporate-friendly)
Stop talking about what you want to do and start doing what you want to do, the time is now. We’re going to dive deep, we’re going to get personal, we’re going to make some change. Who’s ready!

New Economy, New Jobs, Are You Ready (education and corporate-friendly)
The world our kids are growing up in is so vastly different than what we experienced, and it's even different than five years ago. We have a new economy, with new jobs, that take an entirely new skill set in order for our children to be successful - are you ready? Learn what's happening out in the world and some very simple ways to get started at your school now!

You Don’t Have a Podcast Yet?

Podcasting is here, and it’s here to stay! You should have a podcast, your school and district should have a podcast, and the time is now to get started.

Donors Choose

You want the ‘things’ for your classroom and school but writing grants takes so much time?

No. It. Doesn’t.

Adam will help you unlock the magic formula for Donors Choose so your teachers can write grants that get funded and takes money out of your budget that can be spent in other areas.

Educational Deep Dive

Education is hard, really hard. We’re going to dive deep, we’re going to get a little vulnerable, we’re going to grow and have fun while doing it.
This fully customizable Educational Deep Dive can be one hour, three hours long, and also built out for a two or three day session with your team.
We’ll talk about the differences of seeing the people you work with as a family, or as a team. How to have those conversations that might be making you a little bit uncomfortable, but are so necessary in order to move your organization forward. We’ll look inside each and every person and make a commitment to name your growth area, and come up with an action plan for success.
Don’t let small mundane problems keep you from doing the real work that you’re meant to be doing. Don’t think outside of the box – get rid of the box.
I don’t want you to be constrained by only being able to think inside or outside of the box. Break it down, put it in the recycle bin and do what you think is best for your organization.
You have what it takes and I believe in you!

Adam Welcome
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Adam Welcome

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