Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey

Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, Leadership, Entrepreneurs enterpreneurship, food and beverage, innovation Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, Leadership, Entrepreneurs enterpreneurship, food and beverage, innovation

Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey Text Reviews

"OUTSTANDING speech! Better yet, PERFECT. What an incredible way to end this conference."
Robert Reiss, Host & CEO - The CEO Show
"I really enjoyed their presentation! The honesty they showed in telling their story of failures which led to success, was great and a breath of fresh air. Nice to hear when good people succeed."
Jennifer Fondrevay, Vice President, Client Marketing and Communications - Asurion
"The International Council for Small Business (ICSB) held its World Entrepreneurship Conference in Dublin in June 2014 and it attracted an audience of 876 delegates from 61 countries. Michael and Bonnie were Keynote Speakers at the conference but they also gave talks at dedicated workshops for Irish Entrepreneurs and at the Women's Entrepreneurship Forum. While each talk needed to be tailored to the specific audience that they were addressing, their professionalism, practical advice, and excellent communication skills ensured that they enjoyed a rapturous response on every occasion. They have an ability to speak to any group of people in a way that resonates with their particular needs and through their stories the hard lessons of business are understood in an entertaining fashion. Because of the success of their talks, they have already been invited back to Ireland for other speaking engagements and I understand from international colleagues that invitations to other countries are also likely to happen."
Professor Thomas Cooney, Chair International Council for Small Business - Dublin Institute of Technology
Michael and Bonnie's speech gives a whole new meaning to going Barefoot!!-- it now means Entrepreneurial Success at its finest! They rock!
Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman - C-Suite Network
The Barefoot Founders were a big hit at the Northwest SOCAP Chapter meeting in San Francisco. Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey are truly charming and engaging presenters! They shared stories of the challenges they faced founding the Barefoot Wine brand and how they overcame them by putting the customer first and creatively responding to their needs and wants. Their tag team approach was refreshing and kept us entertained while delivering this important message. It was fun and our members had nothing but praise!
Northwest SOCAP Board
It was a great pleasure to have them speak at our EO Alchemy 2014 conference in Las Vegas. Our members were very pleased with their participation and greatly valued your keynote speech.
Michael Tsang, President - EO Las Vegas
Michael and Bonnie inspired the attendees with news they could use. Their delivery was both compelling and entertaining. I continue to get nothing but praise for their Keynote! We want them back!
Sid Patel, CEO & Founder - Beverage Trade Network
Voted #1 Best Speakers at the C-Suite Conference!
Thomas White, CEO - C-Suite Network
Thank you so much to the Barefoot Spirit team! I sure enjoyed the talk.
Thuy Thi Nguyen, Interim President and CEO - Community College League of California
Michael and Bonnie's story tells the audience the all-too-brutal truth about what one really has to do to succeed.
Adam Hartung, Contributing Author - Forbes
Michael was outstanding! One quote he made was particularly impactful to my audience of 100+ Orange County CEOs, entrepreneurs and business executives who are in the Critical Mass for Business Community. The quote was 'If you are not in a place, you can't fail.
Ric Franzi, Founder & CEO - Critical Mass for Business