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Tony Mendez Awarded Presidential Challenge Coin From Barack Obama

By Tony & Jonna Mendez
"Tony Mendez received this Presidential challenge coin from Barack Obama when visiting the White House. While he was not there alone - he visited with about 20 other people receiving recognition for unique government service - he was the only one who was presented with this coin. The group received the Sammy Award, the government's equivalent of the Oscars, for individual, unique achievement. Of all the honors Tony has received, including participating in the Oscar ...
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The Power of a Positive Educator

By Jon Gordon
When I think about the teachers who made a difference in my life I realize they were all positive. Mrs. Liota smiled every day and made me feel loved. Coach Caiazza believed in me while Mr. Ehmann encouraged me to be my best. Years later as I think about the impact these teachers had on my life it's clear that being a positive educator not only makes you better it makes everyone around you better. Positive educators have the power to transform lives and inspire young minds to believe they can and will ...
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5 Traits Of Creative Leaders (and How to Become One)

By Erik Wahl
BECOMING A LEADER TAKES COURAGE AS WELL AS CREATIVITY. AND CREATIVITY TAKES PRACTICE Being a leader is difficult. That's why most of us end up taking direction from others in our professional lives. Butthe ranks of the self-employed are swelling, hinting that more people are getting comfortable taking the reins in their own hands. And in fact, becoming a leader (even if it's just of yourself) is something anyone who's committed to the task can master. There's no inborn quality that ...
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Kory's Story | The Teacher Salary Project

By Ninive Calegari
The pinnacle of a teacher's career is to change students' lives by empowering them with knowledge and life skills. What if a teacher who pours into their students' lives full-time isn't being nurtured themselves? This is the reality of San Francisco teacher Kory O'Rourke's and many other teachers' careers in the United States and around the world. Former teacher and speaker, Ninive Calgaryhas beenfighting to shed light on how extremely underpaid and undervalued most teachers are. This 826 ...
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How to Go to Bed Tonight Happier (and Feeling Richer)

By Mark Thompson
SeeingSteve Jobs'slife slip away was breathtaking, but the lessons offered can be life changing. It struck me as strange that I'd never seen him happier more often than in his last decade, which arguably was his hardest health-wise and yet his most successful professionally, as he transformed four different industries. I started to notice practices that he embraced thatenhanced and lengthened his life. The cynic in me would have considered these too Pollyanna-ish had it been anyone ...
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Fired-Up for the New School Year

By Danny Brassell
You wonder where your summer went? Me, too! If you're a parent, you probably devoted endless hours shuttling your kids to different activities. I know my wife feels like the school year will actually be a break for her. Speaking at school district convocations throughout the country for the past month, I have witnessed teachers, administrators and staff exhibiting different energy levels. So what can you do to fire yourself up for the new school year? 1. Surround yourself with positives. This is key. ...
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Plan ahead -- way ahead -- for creative kids parties

By Jessica Turner
Thanks to Pinterest and its endless inspiration, planning a fun kids birthday party is easier than it used to be. However, this access to thousands of ideas and DIY tutorials can feel overwhelming. After seven years of throwing magical, creative parties for my young children, I have learned an important secret to not getting overwhelmed - decide on a theme early and plan bits and pieces well in advance. So, if you're a parent to little ones, here are four benefits to planning ...
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Executive Coaching High Achievers: Do People Ever Really Change?

By Mark Thompson
A year before his death,Steve Jobstold me, with intentional irony, that one of the only things that ever got him to consider a behavior change was facing his own mortality. Chances are you probably know more than one gifted, intelligent pal whose heart attack and bypass led to a radical improvement in behavior-temporarily. Not only did he get better, he annoyed you for months about your bad habits as he set a better example. A year later, he's obviously gaining weight ...
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The Grapes of Resistance

By Vince Poscente
The trail held treasures for those willing to stop and look. Yet, the most delicious fruit was within reach - but untouched. Most were willing to comfortably pick low-hanging fruit. The best berries required stretching through some prickly branches. Human nature revealed itself in Mother Nature. When there is some form of resistance, our natural tendency is to stop short - even when there are treasures just beyond that invisible comfort-zone. John Steinbeck's iconic novel,The Grapes of Wrath, is about a ...
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Hackers are the internet's immune system.

By Keren Elazari
There is a spotlight on cybersecurity like there hasn't been in quite a while. Report after report streams into the public eye about the vulnerability of embedded health devices (such as pacemakers) as well as wifi-connected appliances, thermostats, security cameras, smart rifles...and even skateboards. The most well-known example and catalyst of public interest on this subject is Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek's Jeep UConnect exploit. In a nutshell, the security researchers remotely hacked ...

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