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April 17, 2018
Keep Your Pricing Competitive And Timely
By Ian Altman
It's also important to maintain open communication with your customers in all stages, and areas, of your relationship with them.
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April 16, 2018
By Dan Thurmon
Throughout your life, there will be times when you must claim and even fight for your independence. And this week we’re Off Balance On Purpose at Valley Forge. Want to receive these coaching videos each week? Sign up below.
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April 16, 2018
Case Study: Customer Service at Belk Last week I spoke to...
By Josh Sundquist
Case Study: Customer Service at Belk Last week I spoke to employees of Belk, the department store. An audience member told me this epic love (and customer service!) story.
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April 16, 2018
Teach Me Teacher Podcast
By Ryan Sheehy
Play in new window|Download Subscribe:Android|RSS Hello everyone!It is my pleasure to bring Ryan Sheehy to the podcast. Ryan is anEducator/Author/Speaker Elementary Principal@HighlandsMDUSD,and author of Be The One ...
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April 16, 2018
How Charity: Water Uses Data To Connect Donors And The People They're Helping
By Scott Harrison
The clean-water organization is pioneering new forms of accountability for their projects. BYBEN PAYNTER Most philanthropic galas are designed to celebrate the ...
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April 15, 2018
Superpowers and Kryptonite
By Josh Linkner
AquaMan has the unique ability to control and communicate with sea creatures. Invisible Woman can - you guessed it - become invisible at will. In fact, each of the superheroes we grew up with and admire have one ...
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April 13, 2018
A Secret Sex Life?
By Beatty Cohan
CreditBrian Rea To the Editor: Re "What Sleeping With Married Men Taught Me,"; by Karin Jones (Modern Love column, Sunday Styles, April 8): It is challenging for couples of all ages and stages in life (married or not) to ...
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April 12, 2018
Standardized Tests Don't Define You
By Todd Nesloney
My message to all students....standardized tests don't define you... My message to all students....standardized tests don't define ...
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April 11, 2018
What to do about Mueller
By Phil Valentine
How's this for a theory? Robert Mueller is setting himself up as a kamikaze. He has nothing on Trump and is going to antagonize him until he fires him. Then the Democrats and the Never-Trumpers in Congress can ...
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April 10, 2018
Servant Leadership
By Eric Boles
Leadership is influence. Your ability to positively influence people by adding value to their lives is important if you are to influence beyond your title. See, there is a difference between people doing what you told them ...

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